Youve probably seen this before. I just think its a HELLA cool name for a club.


Here is a pic of me from like last summer. It grossed out some of you. If you hate me for it, you suck to begin with.  It was just a magazine with boobs on the cover.

I lost money at Cache Creek. Damn i need new pants too. My favorites are all fucked up. One has a hole in each pocket so that everytime i put anything in it falls out. I like to play it off when im around people and pretend god is throwing things at me. Thanks for the suggestion Lisa, HOWEVER, no. I seriously thought it about it, but no. I still need a new haircut though. This dorky one isnt doing it for me these days. I hate you norio.



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7 responses to “

  1. LMAO!  Hey Paul lemme suck on them…damn…they look hella nice…hahahahaha…

  2. oh so YOU’RE the weirdo at tower huh?  i almost wish you were just playing a joke, cause he came in again today.  ugh…

  3. dvd

    haha i remmeber the lower one.hahah ..HELLA FRESH

  4. Anonymous

    i like that picture!! what about the faux hawk MINUS the purple?!

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