So many colors…

i finally took down my fake christmas tree. let me remind u that it is february. these were the ornaments that dirty and i made. i didnt realize we had made so many. We kinda went octo-crazy.  Im going to LA at the end of the month. that should be exciting. I had an interesting weekend.


|mood| !!!



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  1. dvd

    naw, phan is this viet person i know…..

  2. Anonymous

    octopussies everywhere!!

  3. Hahaha.  If I wanted to see cars sliding, I would’ve bought tickets to “NASCAR on Ice”

  4. u changed the song u were listening to. ozma rocks. word.

  5. i have a fake christmas tree too. it’s pink and just faaaabulous. and trust me i didn’t want to take it down but, majority rules. is your tree pink?

  6. Anonymous

    radiohead is tight…

  7. dvd

    yeah spirited away wasnt PHANTASTIC AT ALL!!

  8. hello… yah i knoe u don’t knoe me… hehe… i got ur xanga from your frenster… i forgot how i saw it… sumhow ur connected to me through my personal network thingy… i dunno how though… well it’ll be nice if u tell me a bit bout u… take kares… shoot…

  9. Anonymous

    lots o’ octopussy on a big hunka wood? merry christmas!

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