Welcome to Sunday.

I spent friday doing stupid shit. We played jenga. I lost. i am fuckin terrible at jenga. I spent my valentines day working in a community center with dirty. We passed out pulltabs to old people playing bingo. She got to say cool things like “splish splash!” because thats what she was sellin. I got to say “Grand Slam”. it was kinda disgusting because i was stuck in the smoking room. i smelled like crap afterwards. We got tapioca after and did some ball shooting. Silly string action as well. We will never grow up. i like it.


|mood| good for once.



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5 responses to “

  1. dvd

    growing up is overrated

  2. Anonymous

    p.s. i have a friend that i call dirty, too!

  3. Anonymous

    stellastar*..they good..they coming in april..david is overrated…

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