I am at school right now. Its raining like a mofo. I got Battle Royale 2 on Monday but i havent watched it yet. It better be good for what i paid. Im also gonna catch Suicide Club later on. Its like Japanese film day or some shit.


So i saw suicide club. What the fuck. Thats all i have to say about that. oh yea. “mail me.” Im going to LA for d1 on friday. exciting. i need a haircut. my article got cut from the San Matean. Dammit.

Which Battle Royale Character are you?

Looks like im this guy. Pretty pimp.

Too bad i fucking die at the end.

 |mood| Half a step behind good.



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  1. oooooh suicide club! i have that one, it’s pretty good…ending kinda leaves you wondering though

  2. …. suicide club…. yup thats a pretty fuckin wierd movie. but i dooooo wanna see battle royale 2… hopefully its as good as the first one

  3. Anonymous

    yeah but they smashed the windows and then they stole the snacks!! i’ve never watched battle royale, but i heard it’s fucking crazy.

  4. dvd

    haha i like the crazy guy wiht the school uniform..its pretty tight..lets go get some school uniform hahah..pimps! err maybe not

  5. I only lost cuz I had blood in my eyes.  I COULD’NT SEE!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    ah man..suicide club is fucking dope..

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