Got back from L.A. early this morning, about 4 am. i took a lot of pictures that ill post once i find a host. I tried hard to not say “hella” while in SoCal. i think it backfired and everything i ended up saying either had the word “hella” or “hhwhat!?”. The drive down wasn’t bad, i just had to pee most of the time. Luckily we made frequent stops. Here are the postcards that i got for dirty. I think they are pretty cool. Id like too see more work from this person. Sandy Skoglund or some shit.

i like the 2nd one. Its called “revenge of the goldfish”. 

im looking forward to Dawn of the Dead. I hope its not hella different from the original. You may not know this, but i have a huge obsession with zombies. Its just my thing. Some people like vampires, i like zombies. Nowadays, zombies run around and i dont know if i like it. They arent really zombies if they run. I think the Phantom Planet video for “big brat” is fuckin sick. its like an old zombie movie with a strange ending. *mergh*

Happy February 29th.  There wont be another until 2008. Dont waste it.


|mood| Exhausted. Formulating a plan.



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11 responses to “

  1. i think i wasted mine.. but your pictures are cool.

  2. dvd

    haha u should be shut the hell up! haha.. cool picture.

  3. dvd

    damn my chicken be takin days to defrost!!!

  4. dvd

    comment spam..BISH!!  E FRIZZLE>

  5. dvd

    i should get a postcard saying vampires need love too

  6. dvd

    part eleventy billion.. dvd rules

  7. dvd

    i win
    haha ok no more at least u look pimp with all these hellos..

  8. thanks. and i LOVE DONNIE DARKO! i got the poster in my room, fool!

  9. dvd

    haha its white paul on his profile pic..haha..fool i’d show off the ‘east bay hardcore’ shirt if i had it.. i might get it haha.

  10. wow that goldfish one is pretty crazy… but cool. i think id be super freaked out though if i was in that room… hhhhwhaaat?!

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