It smells of burnt soup and broken dreams.

I went to Skyline College on Tuesday w/ dirty (happy birthday by the way.) to get some of their newspapers and i ended up stealing one of their chairs. Represent. She thought it looked nice and said we ought to steal it. So we did just that. I ran from whatever building i was in to my car as fast as i could trying to ignore the blank stares that i got while i stole Skylines precious green chair. They wont miss it anyway. Chances are they dont even know its gone.

go CSM.

I got tickets to Murs in april. Thats exciting. There is mass confusion in these neck of the woods. i know that if i expose myself ill have to act on it and it might not be time to do that. and you dont want me…exposing myself(ghostbuster joke). They say everything will be ok. I like the person i become when im around this aura. Im not afraid of anything and i tend to take risks for the sake of fun. I just wont take the risks that arent for the sake of fun.

|mood| decisions..decisions..

if you are as good as you say you are, then you already know too much.


Some lady said she likes my last name(my real last name). That made my day.



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  1. Anonymous

    PAUL!! stealing a chair…boo

  2. haha niiiice on the chair… maybe if i had the balls or car at that id do it too. might i know too much?

  3. so THAT’s why my chair wasn’t there.  that was my people-watching chair dude.  man, i’ma tell the cops and have you by me a new people-watching chair.  *shakes fist in the air*  i’ll miss you chair

  4. dvd

    hahah OMG you’re so fucking ghetto.. good job thats the way to do it ;)..lets goto csm and steal that big ass screen that cost 11tybillion dollars..but only have 15% of the screen used..!!

  5. nice chair..  u gehtto at least u can sit on dat, muaah

  6. indeed…i need to switch lives with someone for 24 hours….i like change

  7. you’re so unique paul ! or compared to vallejo hahaha… you know. i’m glad you’re not ghetto ! lol… byee

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