So i said “look bitch, im rick james.”

Friday was the dirtybash. It was fun until some fuckhead messed the shit up and 5-0 showed up. Bitches. I got some cool party favors though. Everyone that was fresh got a sheriff pin w/ their name on it. it was pretty funny when some dude was like “its ok, we’re all cops” and flashed his “badge” when the cops were outside. I got some of those pimp ass slap wrist bands, if you remember those. It was quite an adventure though. Its that fearless feeling i get that comforts and scares me. Being fearless scares me, kind of ironic.

Watch out now. Bitches.

My pap’s came back from japan and got me some stuff. Not the usual things that parents usually get for kids. i dont even have much use for some of it, but cool i suppose.

Japanese condoms…that will never be used. Girlguard. haha.

He brought back this pimp ass board though. Represent.

You know you like the typewriter.

A-game and i had a gig on saturday. too bad these punk ass bitches were fuckin starin at us. We wouldve fucked em up, but they were girls. Whatever. Fuck em.

Dawn of the Dead is coming out on friday. That shit better not make me mad. Although, i would prefer a different ending than the original DotD. i hope they dont moan “brainssss” either. That shit is just cheesy. No weapons either dammit. This whole zombies knowing karate and swinging axes is non-sense i say.

Nothing like some zombie love. Cool picture.

|mood| hella lazy. hella.




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  1. nice skateboard.. & small world my roomate was at this partyy last night that u were djing…

  2. Anonymous

    i wish my mom would buy me neat stuff when she went away…she usually just gets me corny stuff. DotD looks creepy as hell…but that commercial is lame…”how you kill what’s already dead?” PISHAW!!

  3. you’re too cool for me.i lived in japan. it was nice. sometimes.are you in the NRA?

  4. time machine?? i wish i had one man…problems would be no more…psh i know i have caring friends …they own

  5. did you see the first ten mins of dotd the other night? it was…interesting.

  6. i wish i could give you more eprops b/c i love your site.

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