“no, you can’t come over now.the house ain’t neat. my room’s a mess.”


Starting today, April 1st, im gonna see how long i can go without any kind of meat. Thats right, im a vegetarian for however long i can keep this up. In other news, cache creek is the devil. i dont know where all my white shirts went.

There is a flasher @ CSM. i just found out that i fit the description of him. Asian male, 20-25, wears all black. Now thats just not fair.

My Dawn of the Dead review got into the paper. I liked that movie. Fuck the “nay-sayers” and you god damn indie-ens who only like low budget movies.

im gonna miss filet-o-fish sandwhiches.

|mood| good.



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  1. dvd

    cache creek was always the devil its acually hell..fcucking in the middle of no where..all old ppl.. yep its hell.  so gets goto tony romas.. its on me hahaha.. u HAVE to get ribs and u have to eat it haha.. j/k i dont got the money to treat anyone.

  2. Anonymous

    meat is soo good though

  3. ooooo pual yur the flasher!! …. haha but man good luck on that meat thing.. with all the good ass chicken n steak you could be eating… mmm..

  4. what paper did it get into? i wanna read it!

  5. and oh yeah.. what party have u seen me at? and why no hello, fool?

  6. Anonymous

    paul the phlasher…nope…i don’t like it…you’re not 20!! i’m older than you and i’m still 19. so i declare you exempt from being a suspect. right….

  7. when did being vegeterian relate to cache creek again?

  8. dvd

    paul’s being gay cause he is being a vegan..

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