Look what youve done to me now, youve made me perfect.

I was doing magnet poems at my moms place.

Behind the friend is a goddess/
but we sit together/
like the moment after a dream/
weak from love ache/
she always whispers sad language/
yet i never tell when you cry/
produce a storm from here/
and flood the sky.

Cheesy i know. Bored i was.

Youve probably seen these by now. They are everywhere. These and Karate kid things everywhere. i need new black and white adidas. you can see my toe in the left shoe. thats no good. im a slave to my instinct to consume. damn the system. i demand cheap shoes.

i dont know where i stand. i know where i want to stand. but i dont know if i stand there.


i dont like the second poem as much as the first, but since someone asked me what it said, i guess ill just type it out.

Death stared at me in my sleep/
then i lived and only show delirious drive/
i go on singing a bitter scream/
as a gift of black worship.

|mood| Better.



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14 responses to “

  1. dvd

    man i bust out cheesy “poems” all the time..then again they’re not really poems cause its just thoughts and lines that come up in my head.. hrmm i realized i never think what i type on xanga haha just like my essays..no wonder i get so many grammer probs like. I think he go the to car. some shit.

  2. so you don’t know where you are standing either huh? it sucks when you know where you need to go, but don’t know how to get there. chin up, shoulders back, back straight…you can do it. whatever it is you need to do that you’ve been waiting for. if i was able to do it, trust me you can too. real shit…

  3. fuck that was like the best magnetic poem ive ever seen.. all the ones i make dont even make sense…

  4. Anonymous

    *cheese* im proud of joo you are a good consumer.ha.

  5. Cheesiness aside, the poem is beyond gorgeous and I’m quite jealous. Who knew magnets could inspire something so good…

  6. Anonymous

    hit me up on AIM, i’ll send you the track,doubt you’ll find out on soulseek since its a vinyl promo, its a drum and bass track.late.

  7. Anonymous

    Word Magnets are always a barrel of fun. Go crazy with ’em. Why not?

  8. i meant to ask you what the second group of magnets said…

  9. … exploding dog represent.

  10. Anonymous

    lol…you’re very silly but I think you kick ass way more than I do!

  11. dvd

    *gives shotgun* damn u guys, i never even played the game.

  12. Anonymous

    i like the original black/white sambas.

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