Id give up vegetarianism for some of your pickled meat.

Alright. so i bought shoes. im a sucker for consumerism. sue me. i wanted black and white adidas, but i figured these were fine. i put white laces, same effect.

This spring break was alright. i made 100 bucks and got a free game for doing some top secret focus group. hella top secret. i fell off the good ol’ skateboard today. it hurt, but everyone got a good laugh.

i get to goto a serramonte focus group next week, another 50 bucks. everyone should take advantage of craigslist. easy money.

im thinking of getting tat’s again.

perhaps where the blue circles are. ive got the E and the A where it is marked. one of the only times id put a picture of a girl on my xanga. im a sucker for cool hair. plus shes gorgeous. and shut up. i know its a shitty job.

and no. just because im a vegetarian doesnt make me gay, david. 16 days strong!

|mood| Sick. shit.



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  1. dvd

    ohyeah.. i want that monster thing!! ahha

  2. i want a tattoo on my asshole. but it’s still in deliberation. i gave up smoking for a bit but i cheated.
    did you?
    well good luck. and vegetarianism = homosexuality. it’s a fact. haha. jk.

  3. Anonymous

    what’s with everyone doing focus groups?

  4. did i mention i like that last pic of the hungry face? well i guess i didnt. but i do.

  5. a boy that will say gorgeous instead of hot is a rare find…

  6. Anonymous

    hey you know what’s so cool? i have too much time on my hands but..i thought this up…your name is paul and you were donnie darko for halloween but you couldnt find a skeleton costume that fit, and i walked into PAUL frank where i found the skeleton sweatshirt!! yeah..neat…

  7. Anonymous

    Props for going veggie style. Why are you doing it?

  8. dude my initials are E and A. what do they mean to you? and why are we soo fuckin connected? and consumerism is just like drug use.. as long as you’re in control, it’s acceptable if done in moderation . so let’s shop and drop!

  9. the answers to your questions:
    1. I believe in karma and that the things you do come back, but I believe even more in just being a good person WITHOUT expecting good things to come back to you.
    2. I strongly believe in evolution and find it fascinating, but some people just take that as I don’t believe in God, which isn’t true.
    3. My favorite ice cream flavor is either strawberry or cookie dough…nothing special. I’m simple in my tastes, lol.
    *Your questions were my favorite; I hope that makes you feel special!

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