so i had a little too much to drink. i get emotional when i drink. i hope you see this because i miss you. no joke. where the hell are you.

tell me what you want to know/oh cmon cmon cmon

there aint no movtive for this crime/

***** was a friend of mine so cmon cmon cmon.

The killers are so sick. i *’ed the name out because it would look like something its not if i didnt * it out. though the number of letters is consistent. you guys are smart, figure it out.

 stupid ghetto beer. i hate 211. ill stick to my other disgusting alcohol. the room is spinning but i wont throw up, im a champ. everyone, dont let it get to your head, its only life, you’ll never escape it alive. its not supposed to be great anyway.

“smile like you mean it.”

So i saw the killers w/ evening and stellastarr* yesterday.

God damn the killers were fuckin sick. i was desperate and had to buy my tickest off a scalper. kinda fishy when the tickets looked like they should be for a carnival. you know, those little ones you get when you wanna go on rides. They were legit though so its alright. Best $25 ever.

i thought this was clever.

Avenged Sevenfold in a few weeks w/ dwight, david, and possibly others. Exciting. my dad thinks im an alcholic. im not. i took pictures of ridre standing in a garbage can. i said i wouldnt post them, so i’ll leave that up to the imagination. stupid school making me take pictures of people in garbage cans.

someone come w/ me to death cab. 

|mood| youre missing what im trying to say.



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14 responses to “

  1. dvd

    no!!! you’re going to watch MY CHEMCIAL ROMANCE AND avenged sevenfold ..not just a7x. =x

  2. i like the spider too… mucho cute.

  3. Anonymous

    i want to go

  4. Anonymous

    oh man..that is such a twisted dream. austin as a zombie…WTF? have you told him this good news?

  5. dvd

    yeah…dressed in all black..with our hairs tied…so we’d both look even, even steven.

  6.  my parents think i’m a lesbian pothead…i’m not.

  7. make that two of us with the doormat syndrom…man we need to step it up!

  8. Anonymous

    when’s seath cab niggs? damn i havent gotten drunk in sooo long.

  9. i like your entries.

  10. yes, the killers were fresh! i think i have a crush on the lead singer now =) (p.s. don’t tell allan! jk)so where do we know each other from? that was weird

  11. hmm, I changed my mind.  go ahead and put the picture up.  but have a little mercy when it comes to talking about my future

  12. Anonymous

    It IS clever. I like it very much.

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