“Keep him tied up to a dream
And only she can set him free”

So i went to Death Cab on monday. i thought death cab was good. On The Speakers wasnt bad either. Ben Kweller did a cover of “ice ice baby” that was pretty entertaining.

I thought i saw 2 moons the other night. Damn you tricky reflections making me think the end of the world is near. Too bad it is. But remember, i have a helmet.

One of the only pictures of my brother and i. i dunno, it just looks weird. Arms folded, looking in different directions. slow shutter speeds and head shaking. im eating a lemon. mmm.

I thought of you when i saw this. dont ask why.

I’ve been ok in the past week. School is almost out so that is good. I might goto AC/DSHE on saturday and Avenged on Tuesday so there you go. I applied for the photo editor spot on the paper next semester, hopefully ill make it. I take my twist with a shout. Lets cause a scene. Have a great day.

|mood| mad at someone ive never met.

P.S.- Thanks for the comments both on xanga and in person. ha.



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  1. where’d u take photo at?damn all you bastards that got to watch The Cure at Coachella!did i have a class with you at tn?

  2. Anonymous

    mmm…filet o fish.

  3. Anonymous

    that’s an awesome song.  my favorite is “just like heaven”.  i also like “for elise”.
    311 is playing with the roots at the greek theatre.  woohoo…

  4. Anonymous


  5. man im jealous you always find these cool arty cartoons around the city or whereEVER you find em cause i sure dont see them anywhere…

  6. duuuuuuuude…don’t think you and norio can walk around tower and not say hi!  lol i caught you guys sneaking around the dvd room…and all those years at dw and i never knew you had a bro, wow…

  7. dvd

    LOL @ them sneaking around hahahahahahahah

  8. i saw ben and death cab about a month ago. i wish we coulda heard ice ice baby. :(
    P.S. your xanga is hot.

  9. I’m not sure why. But I always felt that if someone leaves you a comment. That you should give them one in return. So obviously, this is what I’m doing.I’d have to say that I’m a tad bit envious of you. [I skimmed a few of your postings.] Envious, because I wanted to attend the Death Cab for Cutie concert. But sadly I had no transportation to the little shin dig. So needless to say, I wasn’t able to go either night.You’re quite the photographer. Pretty spiffy pictures you’ve taken.

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