“i know my rights, ive been here all day and its time.”

Been a pretty good week. Minus getting punched in the face in the pit at a7x. Still fun though. I dont have anything really to say.

This is for titty who always says i have cool street art. hopefully you like this.

So instead of doing one of those crappy surveys…ill do one next time. But, ill do it based on your questions. So anyone who reads this stupid xanga, feel free to ask 3 questions about whatever and ill adress them by like Monday or some shit. Try to keep them tasteful people, ill just leave it blank if the question sucks. i got this idea from im_an_oxymoron. shes a genius.

|mood| i need a good burrito.



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  1. dvd

    that boy needs therepy

  2. 1)What is the last life changing event you’ve experienced?2)…last good movie you watched?3)What is your favorite cartoon of all time?

  3. assuming im “titty”… hah no ones called me that yet its ussually “hello titty”… whatever – but yes i do like that its cute.. and lets think of 3 questions based on what i know abou;you… 1- would you rather be a zombie or zombie killer?2 – would you rather eat a filet o fish everyday for the rest of yur life or never again?3 – and uhh.. what do you think of justin timberlake?

  4. Anonymous

    shit man that looks like you..1. 1 or 22.3 or 43. 5 or 6bumboclot.

  5. Anonymous

    Any three questions? HmM… Lemme think of some good ones..
    1. Which of the five senses would you give up (if you had to, of course)?
    2. What’s your worst habit?
    3. Should a person who steals for his/her starving family be given a lighter punishment than others who steal?
    oOh… good questions (sorta)… I can’t wait to see your answers.

  6. i adore you…your compliment gave me a much-needed smile :)
    1. what is one thing in your life that you regret more than anything?
    2. what’s the best and worst qualities a person can have? (ohh! a 2-part question)
    3. would you rather know the future and be able to stop problems before they start or be surprised and take all the mistakes that come with it?
    -Favorite song and why.

  7. wow.. u DO have cool street art.

  8. Anonymous

    1. would rather get punched in the face everyday for the rest of your life or have to wear the same pair of underwear?
    2. would you rather eat a cat or a rat?
    3. would you rather drink a glass full or britney’s or christina’s sweat?

  9. Anonymous

    1. would you rather clean up vomit or clean up diarrhea as your job?
    2. what’s one thing you cannot live without if you are stranded on an island?
    3. do you prefer to pick your nose or pick your ass in public?
    oooo…..this is kinda fun!

  10. haha…paul on xanga…i know i am too, but anyway, paul on xanga…ahahaha! just kidding. take a wild guess who i could be…hmmm….
    avenged kicks ass.
    right on. *does rock hand thingy*

  11. Anonymous

    Would you go down on bill gates for a million dollars?
    How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?
    if you were sitting on your grandfather’s lap and he had an erection, would you:
    a) get off
    b) stay on
    hi paul!

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