“And he also made false teeth.”

i dont dislike digital cameras as much as i did before.


That survey thing got more comments than i thought it would. Thanks for participating, those of you who read the whole post.


1)What was the last life changing event you’ve experienced?

2)…last good movie you watched?

3)What is your favorite cartoon of all time?

– alfanewmerik (thanks for keeping it clean.)



 1. Possibly defacing and stealing a bunch of useless shit. I dont really care for authority anymore and thats pretty life changing.


2.The last movie i saw was Visitor Q. i dont know if i liked it or disliked it, but man it was strange. Japanese people are strange. I just saw Coffee and Cigarettes too. Bill Murray is the man.


3. Hands down it has to be Ghostbusters. No one else liked it as much as I did. I was just dorky like that.


1. Would you rather be a zombie or zombie killer?
2. Would you rather eat a filet o fish everyday for the rest of yur life or never again?
3. and uhh.. what do you think of justin timberlake?

-Sayhellotitty (haha you found questions that relate to me. good job)


1. Zombie killer for sure. If there was a big end of the world thing with zombies id definately not wanna be a zombie. I couldnt loot that way.


2. i’d have to go with never again. McDonalds is so bad for you.


3. Justin Timberlake is…yea. Well hes there alright.


1. 1 or 2
2. 3 or 4
3. 5 or 6

i_path. (the hardest questions)


1. 2. 2nd the best my friend.


2. 4. 4 letters in my name.


3. 5. 5 just cause i dont like 6. and cmon. look at 5! what a cool number.


1. Which of the five senses would you give up if you had to?

2. Whats your worst habit?

3. Should a person who steals for his/her starving family recieve a lighter punishment than someone who doesnt?

-Toraki (Those were tough. i liked em.)

1. I’d have to give up the ability to..damn this is hard. I’d say smell. Sure there are things that smell good, but man there are way too many things that smell bad.


2. My worst habit is probably mumbling when i speak, but thats usually only because im thinking out loud. So i guess thinking out loud is a bad habit too.


3. Sure why not, but if they stole from me id have to kill em. I’d steal if i had to, but id be willing to pay the consequences. Then again id steal if i didnt have to.

1. what is one thing in your life that you regret more than anything?

2. what’s the best and worst qualities a person can have? (ohh! a 2-part question)

3. would you rather know the future and be able to stop problems before they start or be surprised and take all the mistakes that come with it?


-Favorite song and why.

im_an_oxymoron ( haha you’re the biggest cheater ever. 2 part questions and bonuses. i said 3!)


1. I regret nothing. Everything is a lesson anyway. If life was all goodie all the time everyone would be so bland. A lot of good stories stem from bad experiences.


2. 2 part question! 

Worst quality- Doing everything by the book. (take a risk people)    

Best quality  – Likes the simple things and isnt tied up with money.


3. I’d not want to know. Whats the point of living if you already know what is going to happen to you? There is no fate.


Bonus – thats tough. my all time is constantly changing. Radiohead-Knives Out is pretty high up on my all time favorites.


1.Would rather get punched in the face everyday for the rest of your life or have to wear the same pair of underwear?

2. would you rather eat a cat or a rat?

3. would you rather drink a glass full or britney’s or christina’s sweat?


MzAntiUrban (haha. youre a silly gal.)


1. Id say punched in the face. Ive smelled homeless people, id rather not smell that way. Besides, if I got punched everyday, id be a fuckin bad ass after a while.


2. Id eat a cat, rats are filthy. Shit, ive probably already eaten a cat AND a rat. With all the “meat” buns ive eaten in my day.


3. Id say Britney. Just cause Christina looks dirty ALL the time.


1. would you rather clean up vomit or clean up diarrhea as your job?

2. what’s one thing you cannot live without if you are stranded on an island?

3. do you prefer to pick your nose or pick your ass in public?

Tammay (im glad you had fun)


1. Thats disgusting. Diarrhea. Vomit is too colorful.


2. I couldnt live without some sort of music. Im a musical kinda guy. Who needs food? Gimme a banjo or something and ill be fine.


3. Pick my nose. i do it all the time anyway. im just sneaky about it.

Would you go down on bill gates for a million dollars?

How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?

if you were sitting on your grandfather’s lap and he had an erection, would you:

a) get off

b) stay on

yourmomwearscombatboots (you are sick.)


1. No. i have too much pride. seriously.


2. Thats easy. HELLA.


3. Get off.



This is the longest post ever. Ill stop here.


By the way, the beheading of the guy in iraq. Dont believe the hype. i think its fake for various reasons. Dont give me that “they found the body” shit. The media could be lying out of their asses to get your panties in a bunch. During the tape, the time meter in the lower right changed dramatically. Besides, all this shit is being put out there because Bush’s ratings are slipping and he just wants to piss off America, that way we wont feel so bad for KILLING ALL THOSE PEOPLE. i wouldnt be surprised if the guys behind the masks are all american.


the end.


|mood| Hella hungry.



hi. kill me quick. slow deaths are no fun.




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14 responses to “

  1. i second that idea about the beheading shit although i was too much of a pussy to actually watch it.  it was a desperate attempt to take back his respect.

  2. fuck bush!! that’s why you vote to get him out of office!!
    oh, and i’d drink britney’s sweat anytime…mm….hahaha, just kidding.
    i left you a comment, foya. now you fresh to death. no, HELLA fresh to death.

  3. oh yeah…”1 or 2″…
    #2 all the way!! come on now!!
    RIGHT ON!!!…KID……

  4. dvd

    damn so many questions answered..nice to know kids these days will take time answering bs questions rather than hw questions… anyways nice profile pic..ahha with the skateboard.

  5. Anonymous

    YEAH, PAUL!! STICK IT TO THE MAN!! and umm, stay badass.

  6. Anonymous

    Very interesting to read all your answers. I feel like I know you so much more… in fact, I think we may be soul mates.

  7. Anonymous

    my questions were the best..
    oh YEAH i finally figured out the mystery girl singers that sound like le tigre but not…
    HANIN ELIAS!!  the girl used to be from Atari Teenage Riot

  8. not only do you steal my picture, but you steal my analysis on the video as well.  you stupid fuck

  9. very nice. start thinkin of questions for me cause i might be copying you soon and doing this on my own

  10. Anonymous

    Bright Eyes =)

  11. You got some skills there dawg. You write Japan..

  12. you are my yoda. too bad i didn’t submit questions in time..

  13. simple things rock.diahrrea can be colorful too.=D

  14. i cheat…but only for good causes.
    random questions are always good. and you did say you liked the number 5. :)

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