“Do you know that when you look at me..it is a salvation.”

i hate looking crazy while taking pictures of puddles.

Wow. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern:
E-Man (youre the man)
Christina (youre the woman)
Jennifer (dont ever remind me of daniel webster ever again. jk.)
Cigs and Air (thanks for helping me find the bright eyes song again.)
Titty (i always have your back fellow explodingdogger.)
Lisa (Lets eat ice cream, spin around the playground, and vomit together.)
Oxymoron (You always give the best compliments.)
Tammy (i’ll smile now.)
And Jackie for calling. (whenever youre in the mood. heh.)

Oh and Toraki, my one source for fantastic pictures.

All cheesiness aside, im doing a lot better than i was before. It was comforting knowing that a lot of you were concerned.

I wont talk about finals since everyone else is. Good luck though.

Im almost back to my normal 90% happiness so thats good. Just dont you go dying on me. Wake up, its time to get to work. My nose still bleeds.


Would you walk around with me if i wore this?

“lets just walk around as if we dont know each other.”-Me to my siblings and mother.

|mood| i’d die for you if it meant youd never feel an ounce of sadness ever again.



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7 responses to “

  1. i really like your foto-graphing skittles! one of these days your gonna find one of your pictures on the background of my xanga. bwahaha
    Is that backpack looking thing the ghostbusters pack? I’d not only walk around with you wearin one, but I’d sport one as well. “We’re huntin some ghosts ya’ll”

  2. i like taking pictures of puddles too. and i do it alone where no one can see. and you didn’t answer my questions! but it’s ok, i’ll let it slide.

  3. dvd

    shut up eat your vitamines

  4. Anonymous

    george michael.

  5. heyyy!! it’s the IZW’s!!!!! [invader zim wannabes, ahaha]
    yes, i’ll walk around with you wearing that while we curse at the ground. it’ll make it all the more interesting. but hey, if we’re in the mood, right? whatever floats our boat…

  6. good to hear 90% is better.. hopefully the other 10% will be soon to follow. and i really like that picture of the puddle… i think theres some explodingdog thing about a puddle…. http://www.explodingdog.com/aug3/justpuddle.html
    yup there it is. simple… but enjoy.

  7. i would never change my name…let alone to jenny because of jennifer lopez. but maybe i’ll change my mind once i hear the other jenny song. i’ll have to check it out.

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