“Hey you! What do you see?!”

He cleverly named this one “Minimum Wage”. I got an A for this. Score.

Has anyone else ever heard a song and thought that the song would be good for opening credits to a movie? I do that a lot. Then i think about what the movie would be about. It is usually about someone, probably me, being all violent and stuff. I always picture me walking down a hall of an apartment complex with flickering lights being all artsy fartsy. My goal in life is to be in a movie and die. I like to set my dreams high.

Summer has officialy began and i plan to be more productive than i have ever been in my entire life. I need a part time job and some new hobbies. Any suggestions?

sorry xxx, i forgot to answer your question. i have both an SLR and a digital. my favorites come from the SLR though. Such as the above.

|mood| i wouldnt mind if i got beat up.



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  1. Anonymous

    I can completely agree with that mood, my friend.

  2. i am so glad you got around to answering my question. not knowing was KILLING me!!! jk. i love slr’s. and i also do the song thing. but i like to think of anthems or life soundtracks too. what’s your anthem pauly? mine is bittersweet symphony. yay. ok have a good one.

  3. i do the movie thing too, and get frustrated when i see a movie and think of a song that can fit much better than the one they chose.
    you always have good pictures…i especially liked the one in the post below when it finally loaded after 10 minutes. it was worth 10 minutes of my oh-so-fascinating life though.

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