“Where is the kid with the chemicals?”


You sure are. No matter what.

Hung out with some of my xanga buddies the other day. I felt even cooler when my friend asked me how i knew some of you. i was like “dude, xanga.” Crazy city kids with your strange card games. forks.

i went to the exploratorium today. my brother and i had some shadow box madness.

|mood| *makes vomit sound*



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  1. dvd

    hahaha xanga buddies? i wanna chill with xanga buddies… slow motion fo meh…slow motion fo meh..hahah shit that song is annoyign

  2. Anonymous

    yes. xanga buddies. i don’t think i’ve reached that level of coolness yet.

  3. go xanga…er, right. yes our card games were strange, but you caught on pretty fast with the forks. good job.

  4. i love fat lady cards! my favorite is the ace of spades. she’s hot. good to see you man.
    ps I LOVE D MODE!
    “words are very unnecessary they can only do harm.”

  5. Anonymous

    I hear ya on the vomit sound mood.
    “I thought he said to meet him here but I’m not sure…”

  6. 1)What was the last life changing event you’ve experienced?
    Eh…breaking up with my ex. I am a different person now. Still figuring out whether that’s a good thing…
    2)…last good movie you watched?
    Lost in Translation
    3)What is your favorite cartoon of all time?
    Turbo Teen

  7. yea yea you know you love the fat lady cards… well until next time work on your spoons game cause its ooooonnn

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah that’s because your moods are always right on target.

  9. mmm chun1 is my hero. theres more at fotolog.net/chun1
    whats up paul.

  10. Anonymous

    Hey, I am CAntKeepGoingUnder
    I found U threw Zhenhua site. The name of yur ste sounded catchy, so I decided to stop in and say Hello.
    Love CKGU ( CAntKeepGoingUnder )

  11. shadow box madness sounds like a good time, but what the hell is an exploratorium.
    *I like your pic…it’s simple, but makes me happy for some reason.

  12. well thank you for the explination of an exploratorium…there’s one in baltimore called the discovery/science center. i can’t remember which…
    exploratorium is a much better name though.
    it’s in baltimore, and i like the city, so i go there once in awhile. i’m a dork too :)

  13. Anonymous

    LOL. That made me laugh. Its cheered me up.Thanks for brightening me up.
    Love CantKeepGoingUnder

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