“it feels like that in the strangest ways.”


Does anyone else feel as if they have done pretty much everything  there is to do around here? I think i should go on a trip and leave the bay area for a few. That way i could realize how great it is here and appreciate all of the fun things to do. Like bowling.

I’ve been experimenting with sleeping on my bed. Just to change it up a bit you know. So i tried sleeping in my bed backwards. That was strange and i was kind of disoriented when i woke up, but i cant stop sleeping that way. I tried sleeping on my bed sideways. I was too tall for that, but i did it anyway. Im never doing that again. It wasnt bad. Its just that backwards is way better.

I wish i was so loved that someone would go around stenciling my face on buildings. i couldnt do it myself becuase i would just feel too much like an idiot.

I have no idea what is going on. With anything. Nothing seems real anymore. I put on this facade everyday and go out trying not to piss people off.


|mood| i think YOURE gonna hate me soon.



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  1. dude we are in the same boat. and i hate boating! well on second thought.. boats are actually cool.. and i shouldn’t hate. your facade seems to be a lot like my facade. crazy..

  2. If you want ill Stencil ur Face on the side of a building! -Morgan

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve never been to the Bay Area even though it’s close to me. Ah, well.

    I did the bed experimentation thing. screwed up my sleeping habits for the longest time.

  4. dvd

    screw bowling how about pool damn it!

  5. Anonymous

    museums, zoos, tranvestite bars (try diva on geary and van ness), mitchell’s ice cream…
    have you ever had a waterballoon fight?  do that.  it’s fun.

  6. you want to be loved and someone to paint you on a building. i want to be loved and have someone write a song for me. we are lonely people…and a bit false too. i’ve been doing the facade thing lately, too. 
    but i’ll do you a favor and grafitti you onto a building in my hometown. it doesn’t matter if i know what you look like or not. :)

  7. Anonymous

    dude atleast you dont live in san jose. theres hella things to do up here. you just gotta find or you gotta make things happen.

  8. Anonymous

    i would never hate you, paul. you’re rock way too much.

  9. Anonymous

    ozma is coming to town 7/22

  10. dvd

    holy bored ass paul batman!..ahah i skated and woah i got 3 heelflips in a row haha i dont know, its all in the arm!

  11. dvd

    hehe u said nazi when i posted d-day pics

  12. after living around sf for so long, it does feel to get away once in a while (although it’s a splendid place to live; i love variety!) oh, and by the way, i think i’d be freaked out if i saw my face stenciled my face on buiding, dumpsters, pay phones etc. “GO FOR IT! Life is not a dress rehearsal!” (i once had a shirt that said that, i lost it =( )

  13. Try pointing your bed so your head faces north.
    Better than sleeping underwater.

  14. Haha, nah, I would much rather hang out with Maude. John is much less fun.
    Besides, I think John wouldn’t get such a kick out of funerals.
    …and I like women. =]

  15. haha try living in San Jo… you’ll appreciate sf THEN =P sidenote: you’re cool.

  16. OmGOSH, your site is TITE!
    haha, give me a stencil of your face, i’ll start sprayin it on buildings for ya. all the cool buildings will have YOU on it!

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