“chances last a finite time in the warm july nighttime.”

Spiderwebs are nice.

Does anyone ever get that feeling of knowing something is over before its even begun? Im not talking about its over before its begun because its not going to happen. Im talking about knowing that feeling that you have after youve finished something. Thats whats goin on in my head. I know that after i do what i have set out to do, no matter what the outcome, im gonna still be here sitting on my couch thinking of something good to eat or thinking of people i want to see.

I’ve come to the realization that in every journey i take and everything i try to accomplish, whether i  triumph or i fail, i believe that everything will be ok. People werent meant to succeed at everything. Failure is a human characterisitc. Everyone will fail at one time or another. Without failure, we would not savor the things that we succeed at to the fullest extent. So dont worry, everything will be fine one day.

im gonna go skate now.

thanks oxy, you made my day, week, month, and year.

Everyone should do this on a regular basis.


|mood| It’s good to hear you say hello.



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  1. Anonymous

    wow, paul, you possess some kind of infinite wisdom.

  2. dvd

    u ollied a 3 stair!!

  3. Hey Paul,
    I know the pictures are yours, but is the artwork yours, too?
    It’s great.

  4. Nice shot. The spiderwebs add a nice touch.

  5. your quite welcome…all things said were sincere and genuine.
    *that is my favorite picture you’ve ever had up here. i love it.

  6. Yeah, there’s this street artist here [Boston] who always leaves his stuff on plywood attached to streetsigns; I always snag his pieces when I see them!
    But they’re your photos, right?

  7. Anonymous

    i feel compelled to cuss in your xanga not because i am mad at you but because davey told me about some person that covers his/her eyes and puts his/her hands on his/her ears whenever he/she witnesses obscenities.  i believe he/she reads your xanga.  so here i go:
    fuck motherfucker motherfucking shit cunt cock dick !#$^& <–i ran out of cuss words so these will do.
    oh.  and.. GOD.
    feel free to cuss in my xanga any time, paul.  bye.

  8. Anonymous

    he was talking about someone while we were gallavanting around chinatown.
    cover your eyes.. i’m going to throw the f-bomb down:

  9. Anonymous

    Heh. Interesting post.
    *shudder* Spiderwebs. I hate when they get all over my face.
    Thinking hurts me.

  10. you are my yoda, fool. and the thinking.. it occurs with me a bit too much.

  11. The last time I saw Cursive, right after they finished one of their songs [I forget which one] and the applause died down, it was quiet for a second.
    They were all just tuning and figuring out what song to play next.
    Then, out of the silence, some guy in the crowd screamed, “that song was awesome!!”
    Still tuning, Tim barely looked up, and said quietly into the mic, “Like that, huh? Then check this shit out…”
    It was pretty funny. Guess you had to be there…

  12. Anonymous

    ^ he looks the same way my dad did in the 70’s.

  13. Anonymous

    yo yo yo boyee!!!!!!  Think the Killers are going to do an in-store at Virgin Megastore June 16 or 17…..you know you want to go or you probably already know this.  Don’t mind me….i’m a little bit out of it.  Arf!!!

  14. Anonymous

    dear brat,
    i left you a testimonial.  so demanding.

  15. Anonymous

    Do you really teach?
    Or…am I insane..?

  16. Anonymous

    I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  17. Brotha, you needs to update this joint.
    [Just a friendly word of encouragement from a devoted reader.]

  18. paul you fucking biter…i want one on the side of my torso….somthing grand, someting large….something that takes years to think of …. we were meant to be i’m drunk btw

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