“There aint no motive for this crime.”

This is where we played.

I left for SoCal last thursday and got back yesterday. I didnt have many opportunities to get on a computer, even though i really wanted to. It was a nasty 7 hour drive. Its too hot down there in SoCal.

By leaving and coming back, it made me appreciate where i live so much more. It was kind of boring down there, even though i was surrounded by relatives. All we did was drink and play video games. Thats pretty lame considering thats what i do here. I got pretty homesick even though i wasnt there for long, but its good to be back.

Have you ever thought of someone that you havent heard from or seen in a while and thought about what they were doing at that particular moment. I usually think that these people are really busy or having a blast somewhere, since they are such fun people. It usually turns out they werent doing anything at all and it makes me feel like an ass for not calling them. I’m not big on calling people, so if i DO call you one day, man you better feel somewhat special.

I took this one in SoCal. I thought it was strange how the flowers were the same colors of the dresses these girls were wearing. The blonde totally busted me taking a picture of them as you can see.

Thanks Zhenhua for some encouraging words. I’m in a fantastic mood now, its great to be home. I like it here so much more now and i plan to do a lot more. Even though its been done. Im gonna find some new things to do. What does everyone else do with their free time? i think im gonna start working on my street art project that ive been cooking up. I_Path, you gotta help me.

I thought this was cool.

|mood| w00!

post script – The Killers album came out yesterday. I like them a lot.

p.s.s.- sorry if the pictures take a while to load. my free host is kinda slow.



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  1. Anonymous

    I really like those pictures.
    And yes…Sec and the City…has latched on it’s imaginary chains and I’m hooked forever.

  2. hay thanks I’am That day I just needed to bitch I got it out of system. I feel alot better now. Thanks agian!!

  3. you’re gifted.
    and i can tell you from first hand experience that leaving the bay, more so, SAN FRANCISCO was the worst and best thing i have ever done.
    and in my free time, i masturbate or look at your xanga. but not at the same time.
    ooh, and i like to think of celebrities taking craps too. that always puts a smile on my face.
    ok, enough. take care pualy.

  4. Anonymous

    the adventures of stalker paul, taking pictures of young girls from bushes.
    you have too much free time, i have too much free time! we should put that free time together and hang out. we’ll bring our cameras and take pictures of stuff. sounds good to me.

  5. dvd

    hahah that is pretty creapy… those color’d women haha…smile like you mean it.

  6. thanks for your kind words…

  7. I’m gonna sound redundant, but the pictures you post are excellent.
    I especially love the swingset.
    Spare time, spare time…um, I spend a lot of time in destructive cycles of thought, longing/fearing change, debating whether or not I should drop $300 on an iPod…stuff like that.
    And playing with my turtle.
    Oh, and the Darkie is a lifetime supply- I’ve got a couple trailers filled up out back; that’s why I haven’t sent it. I’m just waiting for Aaron to decide which car he’s going to buy, then we’ll make a trip out of it. But I’m gonna need the empty trailers back.
    And…I ate your Snickers bar. Sorry.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for not forgetting me =)

  9. hi paul. yea… the day you call me… will be the day. like really the day. u came into my head one day i saw van exel… that day i texted u! but yeah. it’s not like u’d ever wna get to know me huh! =/ jk but yea im writing more poems! when i do publish them read them kk! and i have ur $5. ttyl maybe?? bye paul

  10. haha. no, i can watch the movie over and over, its just when it gets to the last half hour, i tune out or leave the room. Eh, whatcha gonna do. Sandlot and Edward Scissorhands are bomb though. :D

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