“if the answer is no…can i change your mind?”

So i was skating today, doing the kickflip over the stairs, davey knows what im talking about, when i was almost attacked by a dog. Luckily, my pimpness scared the dog away.  After the 3 step, we headed off to the infamous 15step around town.  I hit that shit like a hick’s fist on his wife’s face.  In doing so, i was sponsored on the spot by element, van’s, the killers, afi, and so on.  i was touched by a gay guy today at the movies.


Dont ever leave your upcoming post unattended. I left the room and david “finished” my post for me. I just put up the picture and the first sentence. Everything after is david madenss.

Hey Ridre, you should watch out, they are after you.

On a more serious note, it might be just me, but when i get mad or sad things become out of focus. Not like i cant focus, but i cant really see becuase of overwhelming emotion. Everything becomes a blur.This happened to me a few days ago and happens everytime i get all sad. Strange.

What the hell did i just say?


|mood| I put the pathetic in apathetic.



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  1. Anonymous

    Very comical. I was reading the first paragraph and ended with a “WTF?” Then I read your explanation.

    If it means anything… I don’t think you’re pathetic.

  2. on another serious note – the exact same thing happens to me.. all of a sudden ill be overwhelmed and then its even harder to think…

  3. Anonymous

    so love the pictures and stuff. the beauitful thing…..i would say no i’m not but other people yell at me for saying that, so i guess….yes i am. wow that sounds so prideful it isn’t funny. so i change it to NO i’m not. much better…..hahahaha!
    um yes Sandlot is the all time best, but then i have already said that. but it is worth it to say it again and again and again because it is so awesome.
    and as far as i can see, your not pathetic. so yeah. i have done my part in xanga for today….and now i am leave ahh hahahaha! (evil laugh)

  4. haha i wish i was there, but that wasn’t me haha thanks anyways <3

  5. Anonymous

    well thank you…..for both the beauitful thing and the kick @$$ comic strips oh and for the name thing. but it isn’t that hard to do, but your are very cool too.
    later days!

  6. theres the you are beautiful art again…i love that. and i also love the story behind the pink flowers/dresses picture in the last post.
    i get in moods where everything becomes a blur. my mind and my vision. witheld tears can blind you…

  7. Wow, that’s so funny, Paul.
    As I started reading this post, I was like, “Oh, this is a new side of Paul…”
    Even though I’m kinda new around this joint myself!
    But I guess it says a lot about what you communicate about yourself through the posts I’ve seen. =]
    [And, as always, picture homage.]

  8. sup y0.. propz to you mayn… hit me back

  9. i hate that post. it’s just a long rambling entry complaining about everything. but thank you for not just commenting w/ “i hope you feel better!” because what you said, helped. thank you…

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve been on this site how meny times and i just now noticed the first line. but the answer to that is yes you can change my mind if the answer is no, but so far it isn’t no. i know that isn’t for me but hey i like answering the dumb question out of the blue.
    and the “mind not letting me fall asleep” yeah try that’s me every night, and every morning. i have the hardest time sleeping. unless i talk to someone right before i go to sleep. but that hasn’t happened in a long time.
    well later days!

  11. Oooh! Me likey the second pic! Yeah, emotions can blur perspectives, but I’ve found that writing down how I feel helps me see my situation as black and white as the ink is on paper. And I love puns! You put the “phantastic” in “tryptophantastic”!

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