“im dreamin about those dreary eyes”

Its one of those posts where i only say a setence or two.

Without sadness, we would not cherish happiness.

|mood| i never knew i never knew.




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  1. thats why i hate people who wallow in their sadness, making everyone notice them. and i also think prozac and other similar drugs are given out too freely…people need to realise sadness is actually a good thing in some ways and is a necessary part of life. you don’t need to go pill popping each time you feel like crying.
    your short posts are always most effective. they tend to hit a nerve, but in a good way. keeps me thinking during lazy summer days.

  2. your site’s awesome wish i knew hwo to use ym comp better to make my site cool i had a friend make it for me but yeah i’ll make it a point to visit ur site more!

  3. Anonymous

    boyyyyyyyfffrrrriiiieeeeennnndddddddd = awesome.

    and yes cursive is god. <3 <3 <3

  4. i knew i never knew. hallo!

  5. hey… i’m gona be in south city on wednesday… practically for the whole day… i was wondering if i could stop by wherever you live sc or dc or something? to say hi yanno… since the last time i saw you was – never? lol. but yea… just a gesture… w/e’s clever.

  6. From one ex-vegetarian to another…
    Meat is our friend.

  7. Anonymous

    A.F.I. -awe- is the only word to say about them
    so your last posted made me luagh. and then one this time, i don’t have any words to say for it. but maybe -sigh- but i don’t think that’s a word. but it works.
    later days!

  8. Anonymous

    i’ll totally post pictures.

  9. Anonymous

    Cute pictures. I have cuter ones. In fact, I have the cutest ones of all…

  10. Haha, is that profile pic you, Paul?
    Cause, it’s pretty badass.

  11. Well…
    You’re still badass.

  12. Anonymous

    Well thank you kindly ;)

  13. Anonymous

    LOL…..sorry paul…..we totally didn’t pay attention to our surroundings cause one of my other friend was also in line for spiderman and it took me hella long to notice him.  See you around!

  14. dvd

    thats hella paul guys.. lola paul bhahahahaha

  15. cuuuuuute! it’s like catching a jar of fireflies but instead, a flying penguin! =D& i never knew you never knew you never knew =(

  16. woops. apparently i’m signed in as my cousin. (this is really oOo78oOo !!)=P

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