“it reminds me of an astronaut, take it from me.”

Hey check it out, a terrible picture of me. My head looks HUGE!

i liked this.

There’s nothing cool or insightful to say at the moment, i just wanted to let everyone know that i havent died. Ill think of something clever to say later, im blocked at the moment.

They walked around, then they got frustrated and took out their teenage angst on one another.

|mood| I wish i was a superhero with a problem.



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  1. your head isn’t big at all. it’s just the earphones. anyway, think of something insightful.

  2. Anonymous

    i don’t think your head it self looks big, i just think your hair looks big.
    m80s would be fun……but i can’t wait for the show tonight.
    later days!

  3. Anonymous

    that reminds me of the days when austin used to refer to you as, “my friend, paul, with the big dome.”
    anyway, good to know you’re still alive. spiffy shirt.

  4. yea eleanor rigby. i love the beatles. & i love talib kweli. so my ears were very pleased to hear that song lol.

  5. i forgot what i was gonna type…maybe i’ll remember…(5 minutes later)…nope. too drunk. anyway, you make me happy. happy 4th.

  6. bahh at least the pic of you at mission rock is just you djing… i remember taking a pic but im just not sure with who or when or what i looked like so im a little scared. so whoops on that. and yea i remember being downstairs but i idnt see you but i didnt see a lot of stuff so my bad on that.

  7. Wow, there is a resemblance [in reference to the profile pic]. Nicicles.
    Hm…you could start by just being a regular hero… and the problem thing shouldn’t be, um, a problem.

  8. Anonymous

    wow kill someone…..do you want a talking pet that badly?
    but i guess that would be cool, and it would be really cool to have one like Bucky…..he’s hummor or attitude is awesome.
    later days!

  9. lol well at least someone’s getting something out of it then. i feel more accomplished now, haha.

  10. you’re lovely, and your head seems proportionate to your body from what i can see.

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