“You land as lightly as the new snow, cinematic.”

That is a dumbwaiter.

Them shits are tiny elevators and ive already beat this story to death with everyone around me. On the 4th, me and a few friends decided to visit another friend who works in a hospital. He works on the bottom floor and while we were there, we got to see the dumbwaiter in action…

After a few minutes we decided to put someone in it and send them up a few floors. I am EXTREMELY claustrophobic you see. So i really didnt want to go. So dirty decided to go first, she made it back in one piece. So i finally Manned up and got in that damn thing. With my face resting on my knees in this pitch black box, i went up maybe 2 floors when a nurse opens the dumbwaiter and proceeds to scream in terror. In complete shock, the only words i could mutter were “uh…could you please press the ground level button?” She asked wtf i was doin in there, but all i could say was..”i was put in here.” She called security and they were out looking for me. I got away so it was alright.

That was the 2nd time in my whole life that i fit a description, but only the first time that i was the actual person they were looking for. Exciting? i know.

Random pastings.

I wasnt lying.

|mood| I feel like Truman.



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  1. Anonymous

    awesome story. i would never crawl into that thing, im scared of elevators as it is.

  2. Anonymous

    so when we finna paste doors.

  3. Anonymous

    can i be part of the lookout?

  4. aaahahah nice…. wu tang clan aint nuthin to fuck with. really though theyre not.

  5. damn paul i dunno if i woulda gotten in that dumbwaiter.  much props.  hope you enjoyed the cd’s you got today =)…okay, see ya later!

  6. lol!… what’s a dumbwaiter for?

  7. Excellent.
    The story was excellent. Wish I had that much fun on the fourth.
    Great pics as always, Paulie. Always so much with the style and the taste.

  8. And thanks for referencing the pictures.
    I only put pics up like, maybe once a week. Maybe.
    And I got the feeling most people were just like…’how come your head’s gone? Eeeww…’
    And I’m like, ‘don’t you see that I’m trying to communicate issues regarding my identity and feelings of disconnection from those around– oh, forget it.’

  9. Aw, thanks Paul.

  10. hey you didn’t leave a joke! dumbwaiter sounds mean, like saying stupidbutler. puahaha! & no, YOU are beautiful!

  11. Anonymous

    paul is jealous of my man purse..i mean bag.

  12. lol you’re something else…

  13. that’s just a bizarre story…and it reminds me of harriet the spy. good movie.
    *is the “you are beautiful” out of cardboard? i doen’t look like paint. anyway, the whole idea of posting you are beautiful on buildings and such is genius…maybe people will start to see street art/grafitti as something good.

  14. Just Showing some love….^_^

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