“With me, we will, stay still, and words will..move around us.”

This is my new thing. I write little messages on post-its and stick them around the city. Its more fun that it sounds. They last for only a few hours but i dont care. Does anyone have any suggestions on some short phrases? I use cheesy ones as well as “serious” ones.

cheesy = Dont take me down.

serious= Media knows no beauty.

I developed my 4 rolls of film today. $40. Ouch. Its worth it though, tons of xanga material!

|mood| i like Placing Stickers.

post script – i didnt rotate the pictures because im lazy. whatever, you get the idea.



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  1. Ooh! Cute! ^_^ Do these:Love is blind.Two is better than one.You had me at hello.Shoot for the moon.I pity the fool!Practice makes perfect.Absense makes the heart grow fonder.Out of sight, out of mind.The best things in life are free.Never say never.It’s a sin to steal a pin.If at first you don’t succeed…Dance like no one’s watching.Sing like no one’s listening.Curiousity killed the cat.Haste makes waste.Insterested is interesting.Rolling stone gathers no moss.I love quotes!! Too bad they only last for a few hours, you should post em around my house! And being the packrat I am, I’d prolly keep em all ^_^

  2. you could always just say “you are beautiful” like that sign thing you just put up before.. or maybe a “hug your mom” one i dont know hahaha..

  3. Anonymous

    “i am””i’m hawt””i get wet””One last thing that you regretted””The only sin in this world of pain In this world of shame In this world of heartache The only sin in this world unjust In this world of lust In this world distrusting The only sin in this world corrput Where passions erupt And end abrupt Is a crime With no great gestures cry Its eyes, with no great evils shine Here among all the vicious beasts With their blood lust feast Ordained by black priests Here among poison viper’s bite A police gunfight In the unknown night Is a man With no great master plan “”original nutta””When I wasA little babyA mamma’s boyNo one could save meFrom those kids at schoolThey would bullyThey would teaseThey would taunt me”

  4. you should put some around that say…..love nobody until you love yourself.   cause its true, you can’t love anybody else until you love yourself.  thats a serious one for ya…

  5. lol omg… someone’s gonna come across one of your post its & take it as a secret lover’s msg & start looking for the tryptophan that they’re so destined to be with.

  6. someone said to me “you make me giggle” and it made my day…it’s quirky and made me laugh. theres a suggestion. i’ll try to think of something good.

  7. and i forgot to mention…tanks for the music suggestion. i’m into 80s stuff, so i’d probably like it. i don’t like their single that’s out now, but i heard that “jenny” song and absolutely loved it.

  8. “Don’t look behind you.”

  9. “hey hey hey – smoke weed everyday”

  10. the quote idea is an awesome one as everyone else has said before me. just giving my small opinion i guess when i copme across cool sayings in Africa i’ll write them down and post them when i get back

  11. Anonymous

    all you need is a nob.
    anyway. i used to do that too!! but i stopped cuz my friends made fun of me. maybe i’ll start doing that again and we’ll find each other’s post-its!! i still carry a pad around with me.

  12. Anonymous

    i think you not rotating the picture adds to it.
    and that is a funny thing and a cool things to do. and pink…….so your color. i don’t have anything for you to write, which is kinda odd, i usaly have tons of dumb stuff to say. but not today.
    later days!

  13. SLIPKNOOOOOOOOT!!! haha. that is all.

  14. “don’t read this”
    That’s a wonderful idea. Post-its.

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