“Some day i will be the common voice for the community.”

Dammit, how come i didnt think of that?

So peep game, i got a role as an extra in a film. I’m hella excited. Its some indie film, but still. I get to play “art student”. Pretty Cool huh. I thought so too. Its called “come fly with me nude” or somethin. Sounds dirty, but at least i get to be in the background of a movie.

I made a ton of post-its and most of them were suggested by you. I’ll put em up around town and hopefully you San Franciscans will see them.

i’ve seen the light.

|mood| Gimme a fuckin sandwhich.



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  1. theres some cop show shooting near me…they were looking for extras, but i couldn’t find out where they were. too bad…cool for you though.
    i used to live really close to san francisco, but i don’t anymore so i can’t see the random post-its.

  2. thank you for the future post-it. :)
    *yeah, i agree with you about needles. when someone tells me their going to take blood, i hear “hey, i have to stab you and then take all your blood from your body.” therefore, i don’t equate it to a fun time.

  3. Anonymous

    …so when we putting the doors?

  4. where is that court at? i wanna see it in real life!

  5. awesome score with the movie gig. that courts over in Guayaquil, Ecuador. or http://www.woostercollective.com

  6. You could also make some kinda knock against the more permanent types of street art, by saying things like…
    “Aerosol is Evil,” or “Spraypaint Kills,” or something.
    Just a thought.

  7. I was almost an extra in a movie once but then i forgot to go down to the set so i didn’t get to oh well. I bet it’ll be tons of fun for u! Once my sister was an extra and she ate lunch with the star of the movie and didn’t even realize. I love your art by the way it’s really cool for lack of a better word.

  8. ha i was good til… “…come fly with me nude” hahah well heeeeey if its not a porn i’ll watch &  look for u lol. later art student

  9. Hey cool site is that your picture> haha i like the sun glasses very classy

  10. Anonymous

    i think i will pass on the other “i shot, and you run” thing. it reminds me of my dad and his bro tony. my dad told him to run and that he would throw a dart…so he did and he got it in the back of the leg. dumb butt. so i pass.
    too bad i don’t live near San Fan or else i would walk around just to find your post-it’s and laugh knowing who was doing it. but i’m in the mid-west so i guess that wont happen.
    well later days sir!
    “i block your shot….so take that”

  11. Anonymous

    p.s. when the day comes you being the common voice for the community, let me know so i can run for my life. hahahaha!!!!

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