“They only see what they choose to see.”

Driving down to moms i noticed the overwhelming amount of power cables that line the city. Although this picture doesnt illustrate that, i liked it anyway. If you look around, the power lines really make the city pretty nasty looking, but where would we be without them. If we had wireless everything, it would be a lot nicer, too bad there would probably be a TON of shit flowing through the air to cause cancer, since pretty much everything causes cancer. “dont drink that orange juice, its so anti-cancerous that it causes cancer.”

Here comes another boring rant about society that im sure has been covered by someone else.

Everything that is sold to you and everything that you consume is usually in some way connected to some kind of fear. Fear sells way more than sex. When you see the “beautiful” people, it makes you feel like less of a person and makes you want what they have for fear that your life will be miserable and lonely without it. The fear of being alone and unwanted is what sells the most and it is ruining the way of life. You buy the shirts, the cars, and other fancy things in hopes that it will make you feel better about yourself so that you can be more presentable to the public and soon attract a liking. 

I’m not saying that i could figure out a way to make the world a perfect place because that is unattainable, im just saying that you should watch how you react to what the media puts upon you and when you go out and consume you should ask yourself why you need that. Its all about second hand shopping and taking from friends anyway. I dont like the idea of spending $30 on a t-shirt that looks like you made it yourself.

Movies and music are cool though, buy them shits like hot cakes.

On a lighter note..

That kid has cool hair. I wish i had cool hair.

Have a nice day.

|mood| I’m very much afraid.

ps- i just remembered that it was Marilyn Manson and Michael Moore who talked about fear. MM and MM.



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  1. and everything is low carb. that bugs me. soon there will be low carb tooth paste. i would rather have sex than be afraid. what? i don’t know. anyway, that boy’s birthday party looks CRACKIN’! his hair’s ite. have a good sunday!

  2. dvd

    with nothing to say..

  3. dvd

    oh yeah.. LOL @ kids that dress like they do in 50 cent videos, or gunti wahteer ‘rap’ shit on tv.

  4. you’re very right about the media. i like your rants…i usually like to argue w/ people about whatever they rant about, but i usually agree w/ yours; they’re well put together.
    *you don’t need cool hair when you have cool pictures.

  5. only in a world of solitude…i think george carlin said something about how we’re constantly thinking about what the other guy thinks of us, while that guy is probably thinking about what we think of him.although, i think that some fear is good and healthy. when i fear something and finally overcome it, i feel accomplished. i think that some, not all, fear drives us to be better for our own benefit and not to fit some kind of mold.

  6. Yeah, I wish I had cool hair, too.
    Oh wait, is that my scared ego talking?
    Anyway, that’s why I think cities are kind of destructive, sociologically.
    All these people crammed together who don’t know each other, all trying to look cooler than the next.
    I say, we rent a mountain.

  7. Hmm, maybe I want a Mustang to compensate for my cold and emotionless personality.  To attract all the ladies who like men for their cars and their money, so I can be a little less lonesome.  For after all, it has been said that having a nice car can improve popularity and social status.  Naw, I want a Mustang cuz those fuckers are fast.

  8. Yeah, and strangely enough [not to mention sadly], I was planning on posting a pic of my cool new watch.
    [holds up “L” sign in mirror]

  9. Anonymous

    so that was nice to read…very insightful.
    the killers are here in Kansas City tonight, and i didn’t know it until an hour ago, then i found out that tickets where still for sale, but i have no money. i sept it on their cd and a shirt, but he shirt was $6 so don’t worry.
    “how do you aford your rock n’ roll life style”
    i heard that sound today and your post made me think of it.

  10. i’m afraid too. but we should both conquer our fears. it’ll make us feel better. and while wireless everything is nice, it sucks for internet when you live in park merced!

  11. Anonymous

    interesting insight. nice $80+ shoes by the way.

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