“there’s dirt on our uniforms from chasing all the ants and worms.”

Imperfect perfection.

To clear things up, im not anti-god, i just dont believe in him. I can understand why people do and i respect that just as much as people should respect why i dont believe in him..or her. People should try to “find god” on their own without it being pushed on them. Just a thought.

they are coming to get us.

|mood| you cant spell believe without LIE.



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  1. Anonymous

    yay, verily. i wholeheartedly concur with what you have to say.

  2. dvd

    haha we all knew it supose to be there :0 hey hey .. how about the ‘i check xanga everyday but post once a week’ sneaky sneaky there hbhahahha

  3. i don’t really know what i want to believe yet, but i’m just hoping something nice happens when i die…
    your comment made me smile, thank you.

  4. dvd

    snicky snicky… damn it i’m gonna say it at work now.

  5. god used to scare. but he’s cool. i think we have our own god. mine is gay, loves jack daniels and goes bowling.
    and you can’t spell paul without u. what?

  6. lol that wasn’t the point! it’s okay, the anger’s passed. i vented; the anger has released.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    i was gonna write something but i forgot….oh well…god is a black.

  9. Anonymous

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  10. Whoah, I missed two posts, Paul?
    I can hardly believe it.
    In total agreement with your controversial remarks.
    So there.

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