“Theres battlescars on all my guitars.”

That sucks. It sucks how you forget about a band and then when you hear about them again its because they broke up. Damn, they were comin over here too, i wouldnt have minded seeing them. ah, i remember back when korobeiniki was my favorite song. R.I.P. Ozma.

Sandy Skoglund is one of my favorite artists.

All of her stuff reminds me of the 80’s and mac n cheese for some reason.

|mood| Alrighty then.



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  1. ozma is no more!!! no!eman loves ozma too. he’ll be crushed.and you know, it’s funny. i have a tattoo of a sun but i despise hot weather too. well, maybe we should worship the moon. pauly, you’re the best.

  2. dvd

    u mean the banned? yeah . :( damn work is killin the project.. .project theory bhahahahaha.. oh shit rod and them might be reading.

  3. i went and looked at her site…some of it’s a little trippy for my taste, but i LOVE the style of the twenty pictures under the “true fiction” link. i thought they were great, especially “kiss in car.”

  4. im tha best rappuh alive dont hate the playa hate da game yodle atchaboy if gotta at on my xanga

  5. I love the Skoglund image.
    The red one, to clarify.

  6. Anonymous

    why mac and cheese?

  7. you always have such excellent posts.

  8. Haha, oh man, that’s perfect.
    I sometimes go to the playground after work to do pull ups.
    It’s kind of embarassing, but it’s the only place around where I can do them!
    So all these kids gather round and start climbing on the monkey bars and hanging and doing like one pull up.
    And I get weird looks from all the parents.

  9. And huge biceps.
    [kisses gun]

  10. Anonymous

    Hm. I’m afraid I couldn’t relate to this post. How about a simple, “hi” and “how’ve you been?”

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