“Dinner may suck, but ill take a bite. I do whatever i can.”


This picture reminds me of war for some reason.

Heres something that irrelevant to the picture, but not the big picture. Ha. People always rip on high school and college kids, dont get me wrong i do it all the time,  but ive come to a realization that whatever style they choose and whoever they try to emulate, in the end every style you choose will be the wrong one. If a high school kid dresses like 50 cent, i’d call him a fake ass gangsta. If a high school kid dressed like punk , i’d call em a poser. Same goes for indie-ens, skaters, etc. Whatever they pick, we’d rip em apart for it, so they really have no choice. Give em a break. I usually rip on the ones with closed minds anyway, they deserve it more than anyone else.

So just be yourself and do what you like and stop caring about what people think about you because there will always be someone to talk shit about you. Every step you take will be the wrong one to someone else. At least be content with yourself so you dont have to listen to their crap.

We’re all just people anyway.

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  1. exaaactly. someitmes paul i swear you take the words right outa my mouth. stealer.

  2. another moral brought to us by trypto.
    you’re always right…

  3. and i dress relatively preppy, but have punk-ish hair, and listen to almost all music (sometimes being rap) so i don’t know what the hell that would make me…

  4. Anonymous

    word. judging people is bad.

  5. wow..I really liked your site, its very unusual.. I loved it..I also loved the pictures you added to all of your entrys…–Kassiday

  6. Anonymous

    no u suck.and you know why too.

  7. Your vision reminds me of this guy I knew, Josh.
    He was a riot. The first time we hung out, I was like, ‘Hey, we kind have similar styles.’
    In response, he screamed, “You mean you wear jock straps wid no undawears?!”
    Anyway, it was funny at the time.

  8. Props for the images, as always.

  9. Good advice. And good images again. =)

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