“Super nintendo, Sega Genesis…”

It would be kind of creepy and cool to live here.

Summer is coming to an end, it makes me sad.

I am supposed to be writing a paper on the existance of god and his/her impact on western civilization. Its gonna be juicy, im just in slacker mode right now.

I just had me some of dirtysmalls’ mama’s pickled meat w/ veggies. yum.

Lisa is moving away. Bye Lisa. Hags.

Nothing worth talking about here. I’ll just post some pictures ive been holding back.


“Random London Police stuff.”

My dad asked me why i painted the mushrooms black. I told him it was just in case his mom tried feeding them to us, we would recognize them. Then he asked why i just didnt pull them out. I just felt like spray painting something.

|mood| time to get to work.



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  1. I like the way your posts are laid out, Paul.
    A quote to start, a picture, some snippets of your day/words of wisdom, and a mood.
    Eh…another Summer slips through our fingers.

  2. Oh yeah.
    And you mentioning tears for fears reminds me of Donnie Darko.
    I know; I’m so freakin cliche.

  3. dvd

    funny thing is that .. that profile pic is hella old hahaha, and wtf u saw me the other day, and there u go asking did i get a haircut!! mofo !! lets guitar!! and piss off teh neighbors.. oh hey you’re online now.. i’m gonna IM u

  4. Anonymous

    piss off!

  5. ah ha, allan’s brittish. nice post. you’ve done it again!

  6. i was in the westlake walgreens and they have caps, t shirts and shot glasses with daly city written all over them. and i thought of you. i hate frank the bunny. and just people dressed in animal costumes. hey, i’m having a bbq on saturday at mi casa for my b-day. if you wanna come, holla at me.

  7. Anonymous

    paul, you rock. i don’t know anyone else who would want to paint mushrooms black. what’s hags?

  8. “.. when i was dead broke man i couldnt picture this”random london police stuff.. dont get it but the pictures super cute. o yea & i think i had a dream last night where i was in somebodys car with you … dont ask. i have really random dreams. i think kristina was there too.. haha it was really random

  9. Anonymous

    mushrooms…..um i think i wouldn’t want to eat them either. at least those one’s.
    and yes TBS was awesome…..not to rub it in your face or anything. but they where awesome. that was the whole reason i went.
    i made mac n’ chesse today…you want some?
    later days!

  10. hey thanks for adding me.do i know you from somwhere?tell me how the paper went.Abiva.

  11. Anonymous

    Is the first picture from Postal Service? I’m super curious…

  12. Mushrooms always remind me of Alice In Wonderland.  I’ve been itching to get into photography.

  13. Noice.
    Thanks for signin up, Paul. Now the blogring is twice as cool.

  14. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHA. You spraypainted mushrooms. That’s gotta make you one of the coolest people I know.

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