“No, no youre not Rick James bitch.” R.I.P. Rick James.

“whats with these homies dissin my girl? why do they gotta front?”

mm..thems is some mighty fine lookin skateboards.

Saw Collateral, i thought it was alright…i didnt like the ending much.
“Hey homie, is that my briefcase?”

Summer school is finally over, one week of vacation. Thank everyones imaginary friend who lives in the clouds. i hope i did alright.

People think that ive quit with the skateboarding..i havent. Dont worry though, im still the same amount of terrible. Same goes for guitar madness.

I’ve got an itching to get me some good old fashioned ethiopian food, are there any people who arent afraid to try it with me? Cmon guys, i hear good things. Seriously.

Someone ask me a question, i havent had much to write about..

ha, Napoleon Dynamite was good. “Ever do any sick jumps with it?”

but we all knew that.

|mood| active.

ps-i knew that titty was gonna know what i was talking about w/ the “super nintendo, sega genesis…”, and where were we going in that dream? i bet it was WaMu or something.



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  1. dvd

    what boards are those? haha.

  2. Anonymous

    i meant to ask you this last time. but you know the paper you’re writting on “God” i was wondering if when you’re done with it you could email me it. i would like to see what you came up with. so if you dont mind. my email add is jellomonkey@kc.rr.com if you would be such a sweet dear and do that for me that would be wonderful. thanks!!
    later days!*

  3. can you get me my chapstick…my lips hurt real BAD.Abiva. :wink:

  4. Anonymous

    if you treat me to some ethiopian food i’ll do your laundry…or i can do it as a favor to a friend, that story still kinda freaks me out. the poor girls.

  5. Anonymous

    Many people have told me to watch Napoleon Dynamite. I’m assuming it’s good? The 3rd picture reminds me of middle school kids with crushes… posting notes on lockers. Cute.

  6. well, i always appreciate a weezer lyric and an ode to rick james…
    here’s your general question to make you think:
    what do you want?

  7. Napoleon Dynamite was hilarious. hah. Makes me laugh just looking at that picture.And yes, The Faint is wonderful and should rock everybodies world. Glad you appreciate the song choice. :D

  8. Ethiopian food is the best… very affordable, healthy, and mouth watering… you should try this restaurant called Nyala’s… it’s in LA [in little etiopea]… oh, and try the Mango Lassi.. it’s good… if you need a companion, i’m available? LoL..peace out kid

  9. Are those decks your work? I have done some skateboard/snowboard designs for some companies, and I am always interested in talking to/exchanging/critiquing others’ work.  My site is still getting set up, but I will have more stuff to display soon.  Talk to you later. 

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