Believe in what I am because it’s all I have today.”


Only a few days left of my precious summer. Where has all the time gone? Oh we grow up so fast dont we… I was thinking of getting my new tattoos before the school year restarted, kind of like the exclamation point of the summer. We shall see if  i can come up with the funds to make this possible. Anyone wanna spot me $100? eh? I’m going with the two suns idea, cuz you know im all about the sunshine. ha.

It would be pretty hardcore if i got that on my back.

Dont waste these last few days you unlucky kids going back to school.

I cant wait to see the killers again. Damn it.

oh, and Oxymoron, what i really want is…for people around me to feel good about themselves.

and no, my real name is NOT PAUL TRYPTOPHAN. If it was, id make you all call me Mr. T.

and to end it all, a funny (i thought) phone conversation with dirty.

Dirty : so who are you with anyway?
trypt: It is me, davey, and allan.
D : you guys sound so gay. cmon, Paul, Davey, and Allan..
T : man, we are totally not gay, we are just going to a cafe.
D: whatever, where are you guys goin?
T : castro.

for all you non-SFers, castro is probably the gayest part of the city.

|mood| Dont worry, ill kick his ass for you.



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13 responses to “

  1. dvd

    =x. and tuning your strings.

  2. you are lovely…what a great answer.

  3. Anonymous

    Tattoos, eh? Sounds interesting… Where do you plan on getting ’em?

  4. Anonymous

    Mr T.
    I just wanted to know why the boy in the first image is wearing that if he has a nosebleed. Please say he has a nosebleed. I would be disappointed if he didn’t have a nosebleed.

  5. I’ve had conversations like that.
    “Like my new watch? Me and Aaron are going to go to the pier for cocktails.
    …eh, then we’re gonna play football and grunt a lot.”
    Oh, and I’ve been in that mood, before.

  6. o i love idioteque. LAV it. what kinda suns are you planning on getting? cause they have this really cute sun at moms thats hella ccartoony & looks like its on crack… idunno i think its cute.

  7. Anonymous

    paul trytophan i don’t like so much, i think paul tryptoriano sounds much better. i’ll call you mr. tryptoriano.

  8. Anonymous

    I actually usually don’t like kids. I like looking and playing with babies though… but I’m not too good with taking care of ’em. I’m not too good with taking care of anything… including myself.
    I lead a sad existence.

  9. Anonymous

    i want to go to baghdad cafe!!!  i want desert fries so bad.
    p.s. sorry i didnt tell you i was in san francisco.  i had to attend a seminar from 8am-4:30pm every single day.  traffuck killed me.

  10. i find boys with E and A tattoos more attractive than boys without them.

  11. long time no talk. shit forreal i’d lend u a bill but that’s impossible to give it to u haha. i would though =D. anyways yeah long time no talk! lol. things seem to be going good for you. i went to japan! you’re half japanese right? i enjoyed it terribly. tty soon maybe.

  12. Anonymous

    i like the nosebleed picture. and awe the killers. i wish i could see them

  13. ohhhh….i wish the killers would come to australia…..N O W…….interesting xanga

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