“Tina come get some ham!”

Farewell Summer 04.

Summer for me ends tomorrow, which means no more summer drinking. Instead it’ll be regular good ol’ fashioned college alcohol abuse. So sad to see the summer go, it was a really good one. I’ve never been so sad to see a summer go, i usually invite the fall since the summer had a lack of events. I did so much and so little at the same time. Dumbwaiters, random adventures, lots of cheeseburgers, sleeping, watching the food channel, and hanging out with you made the summer go by really fast. I wouldnt have had it any other way.  Freaking fantastic. Everything must come to an end.


                   im so sad and so happy that my head will explode.

ps – i dont really like juvenile alright, dont crucify me. one of those things you love to hate.



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  1. “one of those things you love to hate.”or in juvenile’s case, hate to love…

  2. dvd

    remember when we saw this on tv hahaha..it was like, wtf!

  3. forgot to add, napoleon dynamite was a genius movie.
    and the “tina, eat some ham” quote is even better when you have a friend named tina and ham in your refrigerator. which i do. it’s just good fun to yell that at her.

  4. There are just too many genius quotes from that movie. I have a set of glasses like the one on the right in that first picture.

  5. Anonymous

    i like it like that.. she workin’ that back.  slow motion for meh.
    is that how the song goes?  i heard it on the radio once.

  6. Mm, that looks like scotch.
    I like scotch.
    Yeah, summer drinking is funny; it’s like, more relaxed. You have more time, so I think you’re not in such a rush to get anywhere with your blood/alcohol levels.
    Or maybe that’s just me.
    I welcome the end of Summer.

  7. Anonymous

    college means that there isn’t good or bad alcohol. just alcohol.i swear that for a split second in that animation, the guy looks like einstein. whoa.

  8. Summer for me ends tomorrow, which means no more summer drinking.” ah, same here…schools gonna suck. ugh…he read those entrys i wrote in my xanga. i need advice on not to act like a total wuss dude. gnawr. here’s a shot to you for listenin. Thanks. Abiva.

  9. those shots look rather tasty. even though i try to steer away from dark hard alcohol…. mmmm. if i hear slow motion one more time i might go crazy.

  10. I don’t think so…although to me, for some reason, he’s strangely reminiscent of Napoleon’s brother Kip.
    That could be because I just watched that movie, though. =]

  11. “You’re just jealous cause I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.”

  12. Anonymous

    haha i will send u one from san fransico lol

  13. Anonymous

    I wish when MY head explodes… someone tapes it too.

  14. u get 78 eprops from me

  15. “LUCKY!” haha “it’s a liger!” haha man that movie was good stuff. i love to hate and hate to love ashlee simpson. am i a terrible person? don’t answer that…and i DID shower! i got a lot of compliments too.

  16. Anonymous

    Post its??? I hope I see whatever you’re talking about. Because that would be cool. Very, very cool.

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