“you’re such a fuckass.”


My host, bonedaddy.net (which also sounds like a pornsite) has been acting up lately so i dont have any personal pictures today. On the other note, join my blog ring (what a shameless plug) “all popular kids will grow up to be nothing”.

So i had to go to the bathroom really badly last night and had to resort to peeing in a corner in chinatown. i felt disgusting, but you gotta do what you have to do. it felt like the longest pee ever, it was either because i was peeing outside or it just plainly was the longest pee ever. dont think less of me. at least i didnt take a dump in the street or something.

mixtapes are so 1995.

|mood| i want a Samurai sword.



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  1. haha, could norio’s latest rant been an attribute to your blogring title??

  2. Anonymous

    Holy cow! What if I saw you and you saw me and we just walked right on by?? You’d think we’d feel some kind of Xanga-induced-pull towards each other or something! Sigh. No such luck. Well, I didn’t see anyone peeing in a corner or anything. Are you of the asian persuasian? Because I’ve never seen so many asian people in one place in my whole life. I had a scarf on, if that helps. =P Doubtful, though. I could have been anyone. So could you. Wow this is a long comment.I’ll be so 1995 forever.

  3. Anonymous

    dang you. i wanted to see what you had to say about God. and now i can’t. dang you! buti guess i’ll let you slide on this one.
    and how is it you know how “the touch that kills and the kiss that brings me back to life.” uh? i don’t think that is in a song is it?
    later days!

  4. I like the people in Davis too, that’s the main reason why I’m here. =]You should get a Hanz Hatori sword!

  5. Anonymous

    sure i’ll join. anything to suck up to a shameless plug. all the more if he actually ends up owning a samurai sword.

  6. Anonymous

    public urination? that is so below you, you must repent to the lord!! or not. -=)

  7. Wow, how cosmic.
    Just last night I was peeing on somebody’s lawn in CT.The lights were off, so I don’t think anybody saw me. I really had to go.
    “So how did it make you feel; being denied these Hungry, Hungry, Hippos?”

  8. Anonymous

    FLAMING LIPS ROCKS!!! see you at the killers!!!

  9. By the way, that album is so frickin’ awesome.

  10. Could this be true?  Could it?  Be true?

  11. well, my sister peed in a graveyard yesterday and it ended up all over her pants.
     so don’t feel bad…

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