“I promise, that one day, everything’s going to be better for you..”

Whats up with me and tapes lately?

I often wonder how i will think of the present as the past in the future. If that makes any sense at all. Like thinking im 30 and thinking about how things were when i was 20. The same way our parents thought that disco would always be cool, i cant wait til my kid tells me how terrible the music i love is. I wonder what ridiculous style my kid will have. He/she will look back on my style and wonder what was wrong with me while i think the exact same thing of what they are wearing. what if its a trend to wear just tighty-whiteys, a tie, and tennis shoes?

What if i woke up one day and turned out to be a 45 year old black man who just had the acid trip of a lifetime, id probably kill myself.

i cant find my donnie darko dvd. it makes me sad.

damn it. this makes my post it idea look like shit.

|mood| Waking up is no longer a chore.  



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  1. [pounds table]
    Those fish-loving bastards!
    “Do you believe in time travel?”

  2. Haha, yeah, I was wondering whether maybe you were just typing the phonetics, or something.
    Although I’ve never seen anyone abbreviate ‘some’ like that in their speech.
    Oh my goodnes, the director’s cut is playing in Cambridge starting this weekend. I can’t friggin wait.

  3. you make my thoughts sound like those of a five year old. i like your mind. i’m sorry you can’t find your dvd. i have it on vhs if you’re desparate. i know, i’m primitive. and i haven’t seen garden state…YET. I’ve only heard the soundtrack which is lovely.

  4. Anonymous

    dude, you’re not even 20. we should revel in our 19 year old-ness for what little time we have left. turning 20 is like crossing over to the dark side.

  5. i dunno  paul, waking up always seems like a chore to me.  i guess i have my off days when i wake up and am eager to start my day.  i think i need more of those…

  6. I love cassettes.How’s the Broken Spindles album?

  7. i LUV ur aesthetic….that illustration is just awesome, i want to live in it~
    cassettes are cool, even Chanel is rocking cassette purses…there such great pop icons…

  8. its wierd because right after i read that my mind has the ability to organize chaos all those letters got… chaotic. and i was having trouble reading it again haha… maybe its because waking up is still a chore to me and im fuckin tired.

  9. Anonymous

    PAUL is EMO.

  10. I know exactly what you mean about the age and times and such. I’m going to be 20 soon, and I want to turn back time.

  11. *givers him a loan of her DVD* A loan, mind!
    I hope I look back without thinking I’ve made the wrong choices, or regretting the path I’ve taken. I hope I look back wanting to relive every (drunken) or just alive moment!
    I quite like that trend…Yep, almost as nice as the one I had in mind, Legwarmers, a wristband and a baseball cap. Less is more as they say…

  12. you always have such good answers to questions…
    and in return, here are MY answers.
    When was the last time you hugged one of your parents? i hugged my dad and stepmom today i think and i only hug my mom on mothers day, so that was back in may.
    what do YOU want? i’m not really sure yet. i want a lot of things for other people, but i’m indicisive for myself. or i can just give the miss america answer and say “world peace”who is your favorite member of the polyphonic spree?  i’m sure out of the thirty or so members there is a guy named john. he’s my favorite. but in reality, this band/cult really scares the hell out of me.

  13. One of the best Donnie Darko quotes.  Cherita Chan (spelling?) was one of the most powerful characters in that movie, although having one of the smallest parts.  One of many most, mosts…

  14. I rented donnie darko a good while (year) ago,..
    I think I saw it at the [wrong] time, [now] is when I would appreciate it, [then] was when I thought it was weird but cool.
    That’s one more for the list.
    what if we
    woke up
    from an acid
    of a
    Is there another dimension that’s really [real] and [we’re] on the other side of the mirror?
    the graphism on your site, by you? if so, congratulations they’re really impressive. if not , then you have good taste. my next question would be : how do you make them? is there a particular program that allows you to acheive this or do you use photoshop? (or paint shop pro, or corel, or..??)

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