“You wont let those robots eat me.”

this is why i dont eat at home.

im 100% positive that there is something in my fridge that can kill you if you ate it. i have to stash my own groceries in my room to eat because the people here are such god damn pack rats. i live off of capri sun, soy milk, circus animal cookies, and food from other peoples houses. dont ever come over for dinner. ever.

Dont buy it.

|mood| Tina come get some..steak?



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  1. Oh man, In N Out burger sounds so good right now, too.
    Great fridge shot; mine is almost the exact opposite. I think I can name off it’s entire list of content by memory.
    Here goes: [hm, Dan and I drank all my beer, so forget that] hummus, tabouli, one green pepper, six eggs, an onion, a medium sized jar of Miracle Whip, Westsoy unsweetened soy milk, one jar of Frank’s hot sauce [from my roomie who moved out months ago]…
    Ok, so I was wrong. There’s some stuff in the freezer too, I think. Some kind of meat.
    It’s frozen, though.
    [scratches head]

  2. Yeah I know what you mean.  First its ‘hey whats your name?’
    then its ‘hey wanna spoon?’
    …I’m all set with that.

  3. …all set with that.

  4. One more thing…Is that ‘Hospital Radio’ your artwork?
    Its nothing short of tryptophantastic.

  5. Anonymous

    good lord. i don’t recognise half the things in the fridge.

  6. Yeah dudeee, i have to wear a friggin BOOT now. suckssss

  7. Anonymous

    oh my god. i thought chinese people were bad. your family has them beat. does it smell? go sniff it and tell me if it smells. -=)

  8. I bet you need my gas mask when you open that thing!!

  9. i found something in a bag marked with an experation date from two years ago in my fridge. i have no clue what it was, but i dropped it on the floor. of course it exploded everywhere. what else can you expect from a rotten, two year old, piece of “food”.

  10. fridges like that scare me. no lie. you never know what yur about to touch.

  11. Anonymous

    lmao. i say get some shots or bust out with some lysol disinfectant spray b4 opening it. u might get rabbies. <3

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