Turn up the speakers to drown out the sound/
of the voice i hear when youre not around.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern in any way. Its pretty obvious im all fucked up about something, but i wont give the details here simply because im just not one to do that. You’re smart people, you can figure out what is going on. I’ll return to normal once daily distractions take up all of my time.

|mood| it feels so surreal.



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  1. And one day [even though it may not feel possible right now], your life will stop being a disctraction, and will actually be your life again.
    “Your weapons. You will need them not.”

  2. you’re gorgeous, remember that…and it’s not necessary to see you to realise that you are.
    good luck with your situation.

  3. dvd

    bish didnt tell me.. 

  4. Anonymous

    Dear….my dear San Fransisco boy.
    I’m so sorry that things aren’t going your way. =(
    I’ll be in Frisco this weekend…so maybe you’ll feel my prescence and feel happier! All my joy and love go to you!

  5. Anonymous

    hey Paul,i came a few times but i didn’t know what to say. but i hope you’re doing alright. cliche, but i mean it.Cass.

  6. You are a sniper!
    I’ll catch you later…hope you’re breakin hearts, today.

  7. I have that same skeleton shirt, but mine is lycra, and I wear it when I surf. Very ‘Cobra-Kai/Donnie Darko’-esque.Superficial comment, I know…I hope things are going better for you. You can add that to the list of others who have said that, but I definitely know what you are going through. Drop a line, anytime.-D

  8. Anonymous

    eHug. even though you don’t know me.hope you’re all better.

  9. saturday. you. me. lots of beer. its on. if yur gonna drown the sorrows you might as well do a good job

  10. Anonymous

    hang in there….things will get brighter one day. believe me they will. i’ve been through some rough things. so keep your head up even though it wants to pull you down.
    later days!

  11. thanks its getting better day by day thanks agian cool site by the way

  12. Anonymous

    Ich liebe your new picture.

  13. i’ve been listening to the tears for fears version of mad world. we play it at j crew too. haha.
    oh and i’m glad you’re half way better blah blah blah. jk! see you saturday!

  14. Anonymous

    any time you need to talk to get things out. come on over. i know you don’t really know me, but it can help just to get things out in the air.sorry things aren’t going well though. that raelly sucks. but i hope it gets better soon for you. just keep your head up.

  15. “…this just feels like, spinning plates…”
    (Tom Yorke’s words, not mine…)


  16. Anonymous

    you want to sit inside b/c you don’t like the hot weather? what’s up with that? plus it’s been really nice here, not hot at all. but sure we could sit inside.
    how’s everything going?
    later days!

  17. Thanks Paul. I’ll explain next time we talk…

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