“i hide to stay the same.”

We could live here if you want.

The previous post wasnt really one to comment on, it was mostly a post for my benefit anyway. Sorry guys. I havent gotten a consistent good nights sleep in a while. its a terrible feeling waking up at 730 everyday, especially saturday. in the short “break” that i took, well not much has happened. lots of useless dwelling and you all know me. its alright though, i think im gonna be just fine. i think i know what youre trying to do. i hope im wrong in this assumption.

on a less emo note, the assualt weapons ban expired. that means we can all own ak47s legally as well as any other automatic weapon. i feel safer already.

Life is a duration of time spent by a human being where he or she experiences points of extreme highs, extreme lows, and everything in between in terms of emotion. Without misery, we wouldnt enjoy our happiness as much. So ill just take my strange mood as a high point waiting to happen. What will be will be.

have a nice day.

im only there so that youre not alone.

|mood| i know what youre trying to do. stop.



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  1. so do i!!! YAY! your pictures are lovely.

  2. dvd

    wow 730.. i should keep my mouth shut

  3. dvd

    btw..ahahh i just noticed u put that newpic up hahahahahahh ..damn can’t stop LOLing.

  4. Anonymous

    paulie, where has the time gone?

  5. Anonymous

    i went AWOL.  my exboyfriend cheated on me 3 times… once with my best friend while she was drunk.  it was heinous.  now, i’m feeling better.  i lost a lot of weight because i couldn’t eat or sleep.  i stopped crying a couple of days ago.  i’m going to the gym… and now i teach sunday school.
    that’s what’s up.

  6. Yay, you’re back.
    I agree with you about the misery thing. I was in the park yesterday listening to music, and the tears were rolling down my cheek.
    Although sad, I felt a strange connection with myself that’s not always there.
    I love autumn. How’d you’re bola blade hunt go? We need to talk.

  7. And how’s this for zen?
    It is not I who have masterd the haiku,But the haiku, who has mastered me.

  8. Welcome back. Your profile pictures are fantastic.

  9. hey, your pictures are dope.i haven’t seen the light of 730 in so long…well thanks for the philo lesson today. i hope you have a good one.”all over your face.” Abiva.

  10. proper flickage you got going on. wheres that at? lake and 15th in the presidio? or suzette’s spot?

  11. Anonymous

    thanks for the talk today. 

  12. Is that your work [abandoned-scary-institution photo(s)]? Definitely a great image – so many narratives could emerge from that photo.
    Yeah Thriller is amazing – I have the special edition with all this commentary from Quincy Jones, and all this extra audio – plus its got michael on the cover with a tiger cub. C’mon – nothing comes close to that!

  13. <> I feel oh so cliché. But I do declare, they are mighty fine. Everyone gets down at times. Hope you feel better ultra-soon.
    <3 Sonia.

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