for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me”


Im about to bitch about something. Brace yourselves. It might be just me and it might also be that people are just looking out for me, but man i just cant stand it when people order me around and tell me what to do when i wasnt planning on doing those particular things. For example, when im working hard on something and someone feels the need to say “hey, dont mess up!”, its not like i was thinking of messing up on purpose and now that theyve said it i wont do the messing. Same goes for “dont lose this”, “drive careful”, “be careful”, and “hey dont fill up on bread.” Im just a kid with regular problems that everyone else has.

|mood| i think therefore i am.



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  1. did you know that interpol is the international police agency in charge of international crime?!?!? isn’t that amazing?!?!? well i think so.

  2. Anonymous

    LOL. “don’t fill up on bread.” why the feck not? it’s free and it’s just sitting there. and nothing goes better with those free pats of butter wrapped in golden foil. MmM. cheesecake factory has the best butter and bread.

  3. Anonymous

    p.s. i think you’re aging backwards. you look younger now than when i met you when you were 16. please don’t take offense or pelt me with fruit. by the way, where’s my damn cookie?

  4. dvd

    “open the garage”…*waits 5 minutes*..

  5. lol i know what you mean.. when i tell my dad to stop telling me “dont mess up”… all i can say is “oh ok cause you know that is what i was plannign on doing in the first place. .” which is ussually followed by the response, “im just being redundant”. well duh. grr. haha i just read that back and it sounds like i have issues… hahaha i dont but i know what you mean which was my original point. damn ok im gonna stop now hahah

  6. its okaaay paul =T you’re hella fresh.

  7. i don’t know if you know that interpol is doing an album signing at virgin megastore tuesday night, ya know?

  8. Anonymous

    oh i know how you feel.
    and who gives a crap if we eat bread. shut up and let us do it. some people i tell you what think they own the world of bread or something.
    later days!

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