“I can not leave here, i can not stay.”

id rather see eye to eye, than ear to ear.

Where has all the time gone? i swear it was august like 2 days ago. oh..we grow up so fast. maybe too fast. dont take life too seriously, youll never escape it alive. However, you cant be apathetic about every god damn thing either. im not ready to have full blown responsibilities yet, but i want to be on my own like a good ol regular human being. im too irregular now.

i had a dream that the world ended and i wasnt afraid. that scares me. kind of ironic.

so long and goodnight.

|mood| the plot is slow, take a nap.



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  1. Anonymous

    wooooooooooooooord. tomorrow is october…someone’s birthday is coming up.

  2. Represent, represent.I’m lookin at ghosts an’ empties…

  3. quite ironic indeed. sounds like a twilight zone episode. [que scary theme song]…

  4. dvd

    i wish your dream came true. my dream was nice..the girl i met in it..*sigh* :::EMO:::

  5. feels like i’ve been trapped where the sun doesn’t shine and candy & comedy don’t exist. but i’m home now.and oh yeah.. ‘yesterday never tomorrows’ is fantastic. go stills!

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