“There aint no motive for this crime, the girl was a friend of mine.”

Rob Dobi drew this, its called how to dress emo 2.0. ha. kind of looks like me in freshman year of college. man that shit sucked. minus the plugs though.

Just when i think that things couldnt get any worse than they were as of late, they get better. An overwhelming sense of content, if thats even a possibility. It was being unsure that was consuming me, but now that im clearly on one side, im going to be ok.  You know as well as i do why i do the things i do, like write in this thing. Everyone can be sure that things wont always be terrible. One day things will go your way kid, dont be a quitter. Everything will be missed, but not dwelled on. Ill never be the same person again, but i wont be a fucking jerk anymore either. Ill keep it together. Im doing my best to keep the Bright Eyes of the winamp. That shit is bad news even for people who are happy. Everything is going to be ok, go home and tell your parents.

|mood| Some questions have no answers.



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  1. and it’s entries like this that make you my yoda dude.

  2. Anonymous

    i actually like that lame shirt.

  3. hey rjd2 at amoeba comin up… and interpol in a couple of weeks. can anyone say wassssuuup?

  4. dvd

    “i’m not oh fucking kay”

  5. and some questions… have way too many answers.

  6. Anonymous

    that does look eerily a lot like you. hmm. will everything really be ok? better be, cuz i know where you live.

  7. You’re somebody’s yoda. Nice.
    But hey, those would be Gap Girl jeans though, yeah?
    And it kinda sucks that you usually don’t end up believing things will be ok until they actually start being ok…
    I’m repulsed by my own lack of ‘faith,’ sometimes.

  8. Hey holmes…where did you get that skeleton shirt.  I’m looking to buy the whole costume (shirt, pants…).
    If you are willing to give up your secret source, I’d be very grateful. thanks.

  9. “i wont be a fucking jerk anymore either.”
    were you really a jerk to begin with? because i would beg to differ…

  10. Anonymous

    that does look somewhat like you. and reebox shoes….what’s up with that.
    The Killers—awesome song.
    some questions never get answered…..believe me. i’ve tryed and tryed to find them but i’ve never have figured them out. so dont’ rak your brain to find them.
    keep your head up, even though it brings you down.
    later days!!!

  11. haha seems like you know me toowell. “all over my face” YEAH!!!well happy friday. AIM:ashley abivaAbiva.

  12. haha yah, that drawing looks like you =] dude, i sooo want that shirt! anyways wanna hear some jokes?What’s another term for two mole butts?Molasses!Have you ever heard the vacuum joke?It sucks!What did the fish say when he ran into a Concrete Wall?Dam!hahahahahaaha! =P ok hope you have a fantabulous week!

  13. two eprops for you!
    haha hi paul. i found youuuu.

  14. You gotta love being that cliche.

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