“Fire at will.”

give me all your poison and give me all your pills.

Dont ever let anyone stop you from doing what you want. Dont settle for 2nd best either man. You only live once so you better live it up now. Ive been able to sleep lately, too bad ive been cheating.

im 20 soon. shit. better get it together.

i cant write at this very moment.

not going to fail.

|mood| shes not her.




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  1. Anonymous

    shut up you FRUITYPEBBLE

  2. dvd

    ahh nothing like quotes from a pirate’s favoriate band..MCaRRRRR

  3. quite the old soul you are. maybe.

  4. I like that song…what’s it called?
    The one where he’s like, I feel strange, when you go go go go go go go go go go go go . . .

  5. why don’t you go climbing with me and allan no more?

  6. Anonymous

    you’re not 20. are you? i could’ve sworn your birthday was on the 18th. is it already the 18th? i don’t get it. wait i read that wrong but i’m too lazy to delete it. i’m crazy. i hate santa clara. save me. it’s like a bad zombie movie here.

  7. don’t feel you need to have everything together by your 20th birthday, because that picture made me think to myself “i still have trouble with those caps on bottles of ,medication.” and that’s just sad.
    no one will have everything together.
    a lot of times, what you write inspires me to be better. i thought you should know.

  8. Happy early birthday to us.

    Umm.. Yeah.. My birthday is on the 18th too..

  9. Anonymous

    so happy birthday….the big 20. to tell you the truth it isn’t all that big.
    i’m not looking forward to mind. yeah gonna be 21 in dec. can’t wait…not! i have nothing planed and i don’t care to have anything planed. it’s another day, another year, and so my life goes on.
    but happy birthday hope it’s a good year for you.
    later days!

  10. hi paul.  have a happy birthday tomorrow.  that was cheesy, take it easy.  <– that rhymed.  i swear i didn’t do it on purpose…

  11. Anonymous

    good bye teendom.

  12. teenage days are numbered….. good luck.

  13. Happy Anniversary!Wait.
    Oh, crap.

  14. happy birthdaaaaaay! yeeeeah! “DUBBTEENTH” let us refer to is as so! haha taaake caaare!

  15. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday P@ul!!!  No longer a teen but doesn’t mean you still can’t act like one.

  16. i thought today was the 18th, but i was obviously mistaken. Happy birthday as of yesterday! next year is a “legal milestone” so do as much underage drinking as possible this year, because don’t legal things always seem less fun?

  17. Are those images/photos your work?
    I see all kinds of great things on your site – I am not the best at returning posts, but I periodically stop by to see what new and interesting visuals you have online.
    Thanks for the tip on the skeleton-wear.  That zip-up hoody is calling my name…:)


  18. farewell, childhood.
    happy birthday.

  19. we like the same music!yeah! the big 2-0. ya.have a gooood one dude.Abiva.

  20. update yo shit foo! haha. sorry, needed to get that out.

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