“words are very unnecessary.”

oh to fight is to defend.

I’ve lost my composure. I’m trapped in a bubbling mass of confusion and self destruction.  Focusing now will be a necessity, not an option. Losing all rational thought would just lead to madness. All we can do is wait for an awakening.  Tell your friends you love them, they might die tomorrow. Pessimistic optimism.

thanks for the birthday wishes. im glad you all remembered.

the enjoy the silence remix by d-mode is good.

|mood| life is like a box of chocolates. im allergic to chocolate, unconditionally.




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  1. I met a girl once who had never heard of Depeche Mode. It was very disturbing.
    Curry Marathon, eh? Does it involve the runs?!Haha, eh, sorry man, I just couldn’t resist…
    Hey, do you know where I can find a Frank mask? I’ve been looking around and so far it seems impossible; thought I better quit wasting my time and just ask the master.

  2. a frank mask would make me cry. happy belated birthday, by the way.

  3. Anonymous

    it’s almost halloweenie. we should go do bad things that bad kids do.

  4. i didnt know. so happy birthday man!@

  5. dvd

    ahh my friends know i love them if i ever die.

  6. Anonymous

    oops.i forgot….ummm ur gift was that NY shirt.

  7. Anonymous

    bleh I hate chocolate but we love you!!!

  8. i just got that cd last night and i believe ‘dry your eyes’ is one of the best songs i’ve heared in my entire life. *sigh* i adore it.
    get better…keep your sense of “pessimistic optimism” though. it’s a good thing.

  9. heeeeeey how’re you?! good yeah? yeeeeeah hopefully you’ll feel better or happier or however you can describe it. take care!

  10. Oh hey =) yet another October birthday =) HAPPPY BEEEDAYYYY!

  11. Anonymous

    it’s more like “life is like a broken mirror, you never know what your gonna see.” and even then you never know if you will get cut from that mirror to. so all in all life is a bitch.
    later days!

  12. Anonymous

    i like depeche mode

  13. i’ve been playing bookworm non stop. i got some good words like quasi and queen. those qu’s are a doosy!

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