“Be obscene.”

So it hailed a day after the election. It hardly ever hails here. I took it as a sign of the end of the world, but im probably overreacting. You never know. Im about ready to dodge the draft if necessary. Not because im not patriotic or any of that good stuff or because im not willing to fight for “our freedom”, i just dont feel like risking my life right now. Call it selfish, call me a wuss, whatever dude, im not dyin. but remember..

always put shit back when youre done with it.
whatever that means.

|mood| why is vacuum spelled with two “u”‘s?



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  1. i’m going through a brit rap phase right now. i see you agree with the genre.
    i’ve heard/read that if a draft is started, girls will be sent as well. so i told my family i’m departing for canada if/when this happens. you’re welcome to join me.
    they have two u’s in vacuum to emphasize that is a one-person activity.
    i think i just made up a horrible joke.

  2. ill see you in canada. cause im a wuss too. funny thing cause when it was hailing all me n eman could say was “see this is what happens when bush gets re-elected.. “

  3. Anonymous

    I have always wondered the same thing about vacuum …

  4. it’s spelled that way JUST to bug you. or cuz it’s latin and fucked up like that. great photos by the way.

  5. dude i don’t think you’re overreacting.. god is clearly pissed. you think he created this all just to have pussyBUSH fuck it all up? i think not as well.

  6. Holy crap, man.Hell has definitely frozen over.

  7. dvd

    its the muther fuckin mobscene..i wonder what did you mean..hrmm thats a thinker.

  8. i love the last picture.
    death cab was incredible.

  9. i always want to get things for people on xanga. i think i’m just going to have to post pictures of what i WOULD get them if they were here with me or vice versa. i want to think of something good for you, even though your birthday has already passed.

  10. vacuum is spelled with hella U’s and C’s. its vacccuuuuum. climbing, its on fer real.

  11. Anonymous

    cuz it sounds better…so it won’t be va-CUM.

  12. well well .. if it isnt mr. quitoriano … last time i saw u, u were still going through puberty back in elementary. muwahahahahahah .. member me much? it’s ailene .. from webster.

  13. i have my ways .. ok ok so chelsea told me ok? so how’s life? hey .. hit me up on my aim ok? v1nd1catedpsych0 .. let’s update.

  14. yeah, it was me. hope ya didn’t mind. lol. anyways, hope eveything is going alright with you…drop me a line some time on xanga. or aim. catch you laters.

  15. did you ever go to that lostprophets show?anyway. join the coast guard. or become a doctor. “Avoid the Draft ’04-’08″Abiva.

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