“Comets swarm like fireflies”

Obligatory art photo.

Sometimes it seems like a good idea to live for right now, rather than living for your future. Since the future is so uncertain and all. But id be the one kicking my ass if i chose to live it up to the fullest extent now, when my actions will lead me to become poor and lonely once real responsibility hits.

It sucks how a lot of people around me are choosing to live it up right now or take the easy way out. Sure, youre gonna make money being a dental assitant or whatever else you get done at bryman, but wouldnt it be nicer to actually do what you really wanted to do? No one ever says  “i wanna be an xray tech when i grow up.” Its not always about the money kids. Id rather be love a job and survive than to hate my job and have a few extra dollars.  People have sacrificed themselves for you to even have the opportunity to be something, so get out and be something. god dammit.

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  1. rOAR!! are you talking bout me HUH punk?? i’ll kick your ass !! CAz i obviously went to bryman that YOU know thats doing the dental assisting thing!! PUNK ASS!!  haha Juuuuuuuuuuust kiddding!!..
    haha i totally i agree with you ..i dread going there caz i dont LooOOve it..and i want to do somthing that i LoooOOve to do..haha but  seriously were you talking bout me?

  2. I learned in my nutrition class that Tryptophan is one of the nine essential amino acids in the body.  I just learned that Tryptophan is the amino acid that causes a person to feel sleepy after they eat turkey. 
    Um.  Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. i learned that tryptophan is an amino acid in turkey that makes you feel sleepy too. but i learned it from a commercial. you are so famous. sometimes people have no other options. but it’s all relative. oh pauly, you’re the best.

  4. dvd

    i guess living life to the fullest right now is good.. spend everything u got n fuck the future is fun. But i guess sometimes reality will hit u and it sucks being a broke ass in the future. Right now i guess i’m trying to have as much fun as i can working a job is hate/love type of deal. I dont want to look into the future, i always feel that i’m gonna die really soon, my actions show it sometimes. haste does make waste. : .. i want a copy of harry potter bish1 i know your dad bought it..haha. anyways scratch all that shit…”It sucks how a lot of people around me are choosing to live it up right now or take the easy way out. ” does this line belong in the same paragraph as the “people working shit they dont like”? anyways, its very hard to find a job we all acually like, there will always be negatives n such. if you wanna do journalism you know there are deadlines n stress.. blah blah.. maybe working at hospitals would be great because you can help people.

  5. i think the ideal is to live in spirit, which isn’t time based but in fact, constant.

  6. fuck the present. fuck the future. thats my theory. ok so maybe not – its like most things in life finding a balance between the 2. live it up of course – but use common sense on how its gonna affect the future. i might be the best example of this being that im a slacker who has like 5 essays to do within these next 2 weeks haha… o whatever.

  7. did i mention i like the artsy photo.

  8. i fell asleep in spanish and woke up when the teacher said tryptophan. and then i thought about how you hadn’t posted in a long while, which caused me to still be unable to pay attention in that class.
    moral of the story: four years of spanish has gotten me nowhere.
    it’s true no one says “i wanna be an xray tech when i grow up” but i’m sure some people do say “i wanna be rich when i grow up.” that’s their dream, and the aforementioned people usually do grow up to be rich…and assholes.
    i like music. i like writing. i like wit. i like candy corn. i like how thermal feels. so maybe someday i can incorporate all of those into happiness in some sort of occupation.

  9. i’d love to be a photographer.  and get paid for it, i mean.

  10. You’re our modern day Tyler Durden, like dvd implied. Now start a fight club!
    -i am jack’s comment

  11. I have it the best.  I hate my job AND I don’t get a high paycheck!

  12. Responsibility.Now that is some scary shit.

  13. Anonymous

    yeah, you tell it tall paul!! anyway. i’m not talking about peeing on the seat, i’m talking about peeing on the toilet. it’s GROSS to see those yellow stains on the rim. ACK!!

  14. I feel you. Now it’s only finding out what it is I have a love for. I have a slight inclination towards what I want to pursue that has developed just recently but I’m SO lost on the whole “future” deal. Thanks for the advice though! Hopefully something for my birthday will come through =T. Hope everything’s well k bye

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