“The weak will become heroes.”

get down from there.

The year went by fast. Soon enough, we’ll all have 20 year old kids writing in their online journals, but by then, technology will be so crazy that you wont even have to type anymore. You’d just hook up your brain right to your computer and think up the words on the screen. Our playstation controllers will have 37 buttons on them instead of 10 and will probably be designed as a ball full of buttons. Crazy. Then you can tell your kids about the good old days when there were NO buttons and it was just a joystick and how our games consisted of playing a character who is a yellow circle eating little white balls while being chased by ghosts! The further our technology takes us, the lazier we become, the better we get a video games, and the easier it is for kids to find porn.

Happy early new year.

|mood| im gonna go play some half life2.



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  1. dvd

    need a better way to get through sf traffic on a weekend of the holiday season.. eek

  2. wow. tell me more nostradamus. tell me more.

  3. this year DID go by hella fast. craaaaazy i tell you. crazy.

  4. Anonymous

    oh i cant wait! i hope our kids will play together and beat each other up for fun!

  5. Great album, man. Brings back my former days.
    And to be honest, those boring old games are a lot more fulfilling, to me.

  6. happy early new year indeed.

  7. Heh. That would be awesome. I wouldn’t be so interested in hurting myself though, if you know what I mean. ;]
    How’s the ladyfriend?

  8. i’m amazingly fluid. flowing through what challenges me.how are you enjoying your twenties?

  9. This past weekend, Sa and myself hooked up her old Nintendo and played MegaManII for a few hours.  The picture was kind of messed up, and we had to do the old ‘blow on the game and turn it on and off ‘ before it worked, but it was even better than I remember.  PS2 and XBOX have got nothing on a Sunday night of Nintendo and memories of being 10 years old again.

    (P.S.- I forgot how hard that game was – we had to get cheats online to even get to Dr. Wiley…which I guess goes against the purity of reminiscing, but c’mon, that game is damn near impossible.)

  10. dvd

    more comments bishes.

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