Disarm me with a smile.

yeah, they watch everything you do, but you dont see them. Theyve got camoflauge. Bitches.

Everyone has demons that they have to deal with. Things they regret doing and things that linger in the back of their heads that make them go insane. The older you get, the better you should be at facing these things. I had a hard time with them before, but now im dealing with them a lot better. Dont let your demons get the best of you, they will consume you and everything around you. Personal complexes and a discombobulated brain will leave you even more lost than you were to begin with. Thats no good.  I’ve won and lost many battles with my mind, but now ive dealt with what ive had to deal with and i am glad that its done with.

|mood| This hair has gotta go.



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  1. my demons come in forms of cruel dreams. i’m in denial. your hair should never go. and if it does, donate it. have a good weekend.

  2. that whole paragraph is so true i wanna cryy. but im also drunk so maybe thats osething different. but man. i used to LOCVE disarm. like that was my favoite song eveeerrr….. man. “the killer in me is a killer in ytou… “

  3. Anonymous

    but it’s fun to be crazy. it makes you unique and the more you try to be unique the more you disappear. and remember what i said about being invisible?

  4. you should be a motivational speaker, i believe. and though that statement was somewhat sarcastic, it’s true. but i’m a “forgive and never forget” type person, so i don’t know if i can follow this advice.you seem happier in this post; i’m glad, you deserve it.

  5. dvd

    you remind me of the 5th grade.. ahahah when your dad got yelled at because i talked to you too much hahahahahahahha funny shit.

  6. OMG, ur frendz W/Angelina Jolie?!OMG!

  7. i wish i had heard of ozma when they were still together…. =(
    what a n00b!

  8. Anonymous

    so ture so ture. and i love how the older you get the bigger they seem to get. that’s so much fun…but i say bring it on, i took you once and i can take you again.
    later days!

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