“He calls the mansion not a house, but a tomb.”

(im too lazy to recrop this)back when ninja turtles and ghostbusters were the only things that mattered to me.

People are growing up at different rates, but now you realize who you can really count on. A lot of people id rather not talk to still try to get in contact with me just to make sure im still alive. It is a good feeling, even if i dont want to talk to them. I try to contact people now and again just to say hi, but they usually take it as if i need something. Its cool, just answer your phone next time asshole. A lot of people are so caught up in what they are doing that they fail to realize the machine that they are in. Sure, ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power.

A lot of you are ok though, you still talk to me to make sure everything is alright when it may feel as if sometimes ive forgotten about you. i havent. thats what christmas is for. if you think ive neglected you, ive probably already got you a gift.

|mood| When someone elses loss is my gain, i feel shitty and great at the same time. im sorry.



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  1. aw paul i’ll miss having you in my classes. let me know how the journalism program is at state. and do your homework. hopefully we’ll be keeping in touch — we’ll always have myspace.

  2. dvd

    if u give me another cookie i’ll be your friend.

  3. we’re pseudo on line friends right? i’ll get you an on line christmas present.

  4. Anonymous

    hi paul! i’ll be sure to message you on myspace to make sure you’re alive and i’ll even send you a cheeseburger!! and then i’ll call you up randomly and force you to hang out with me. YEAH!! …and then i’ll flake on you.

  5. climbing if you may 30 days of climbing in 30 days. thats once a day for the mathematically un-inclined. ya heard the word, so dont declin’d. you down or is you a clown? realest pimps dont walk like shrimps because they like to crimp. i got mad rhymes that flow like cristal from the back of my ’78 monte carlo. why the whole world love my voice?

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