“i take my twist with a shout.”

i havent done a post with a bunch of useless pictures in a while. so here you are. below are ridre and i playing CROSSFIRE. we got bored and he felt like spending 20 dollars on a box of nostalgia. yeah, i know. shut up. Then there is a picture of some mountains that dsmalls shot with some crazy filter. and finally a photo of me taking a photo at the mech museum (the greatest arcade.ever.) happy new year. i dont like my new monitor because it makes my xanga posts look strange. as if i only type one sentence, when in reality its a god forsaken essay. speaking of god, what a guy. oh well. here you are.

Rapid fire shoot out!

dont get caught in the..CrossFiya.


How much you wanna bet i can throw a football over them mountains?

best $3 you can spend. (yeah, its cropped terribly. whatever.)

|mood| im a spy.



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  1. oh man, we have that game.  i fucking love it.

  2. $3?? that’s expensive dear!

  3. That looks like a ridiculous game.
    And some ridiculous mountains.
    Good times.

  4. Man, your God-ish comment made me laugh. Audibly.

  5. Anonymous

    i haven’t talk to you in so long.

  6. crossfire always gave me blisters on my fingers. but dude, that game is awesome. 

  7. Anonymous

    i remember those commercials. i used to sing the jingle for days. how embarrassing, i though ti was so cool.

  8. I always look creepy in pictures.  That picture isn’t flattering.  But neither is my face.

  9. crossfire is the most useless game, but because of the best commercial song ever and the use of bright colors, i was a sucker for it. i would probably still play it now, if i hadn’t lost it.
    if something has a catchy song, no matter how horrible it actually is, it automatically becomes fabulous. ex: pokemon! go bulbasaur!
    i have to e-mail you with my adress…

  10. and another one. hi paul.

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